Kindling our Kid's Dreams

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I'm a little concerned over my sons' lack of "I wanna be a sumpting when I grow up."

I just realized it when I was bugging Ice (My teen's new nick. Kewl, eh.) what course he was going to take in college. He is now a high school junior and some universities are accepting applications from 3rd year students.

He is now thinking of ... surprise.... social science. Both his parents are social science double majors. Where do you suppose he got this interest? From the teacher, of course, not his parents.

And so, recently, I've also been bugging the second son what he wants to be when grew up. I have always thought there was only 1 career that I would REALLY mind if any of them wanted it (i won't say what it is)... but anything else is alright.

To my semi-horror in his pre-school years, Leon wanted a noble yet life-risking career. He wanted to be a fireman. I hosed down his dream by telling him about the reality of the fireman's career in this country. Bad mommy award. (Whut?  I want him alive, you know.) Now he is more somber and has chosen to not choose at all.

Recently though we had a adopted a cute little bugger cat that likes to chew everyone out literally, except him.

So earlier today Leon announced he wanted to be a.. janan! veterinarian.

Kewl. Bites, etc. fine. Fires no.

Now how to sustain that interest....

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