A Long Overdue Post about Plurk

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At first, I wasn't sold about microblogging. I felt it was invasive. I felt I didn't want to be updated of the first microblog posts that I kept seeing. These are ONLY : "Good morning." "I just ate (write in food here)." and "I'm going to sleep now." Fun.

Then I read an article about this being the next marketing thing (this was in 2008). It also pointed out that marketers should get used to the discipline of saying what you want in 140 characters or less. So then and there, I decided I wanted that skill of concise communication. I signed up for Twitter.

A few hours later, one of my bestfriends IM'ed me - "Hey, do you have Plurk yet?" No, but I just signed up for Twitter today. "Try Plurk. It's much better."

So I signed up. (I want to post a pic of 1st post but it's too deep down the timeline.)

I rarely tweeted after. It just wasn't my type.

For Plurk however, I have always marveled at how its layout enabled you to have friends. And these people grew on you in the day to day plurks. The horizontal timelines made it easier to backtrack what people said. Even if you haven't been in in a while, it's easy to see what people have been up to. The vertical responses in the threads, on the other hand, allowed you to catch up to the conversations.

And then the friends grew. There were batches of close groups in my Plurk life. I have kept most of them, I have been lucky. But then, I see that it is the usual case for most Plurkers (yay!). I am also still friends with the first people who were given to me randomly when I first signed up.

The last batch of friends I got in Plurk are ones who live nearby. We have fun online at Plurk. We have laughed together at the fun posts, disagreed a lot about serious issues (and did lots of ninja hides in the process). Yes, we're still friends regardless. We have changed our profile names a lot for a timely event. During Chinese New Year we had outrageous Chinese characters as profile names. We named ourselves annoying fruits (in honor of annoying orange), election candidates, Filipino superheroes, there are more but I forgot.

And Huzzah, we've also had lots of incredible fun offline. We've drank a lot (even went out of our way for a certain beer brand), ate and ate and ate a lot together, met up for yoghurt lots of times, watched performances, went on a craft shopping day, watched movies, SOS-ed for car tows, celebrated birthdays and we will have more fun together, I am sure.

So Plurk, belated happy birthday. You asked for a blog post and this is my little gift for you. Thank you so much for existing.


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Renz said...

Happy Birthday PLurk!

Thanks for giving me Kat (through plurk) Yay!

Elevic Pernis | The Road to Weirdom said...

Haha, this is where I met you, Maam.

Twitter is very useful for marketing, although I didn't invest time learning that.

PLURK is pure fun