How fast time flies...

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Lol.  This blog has had many restarts, re-layouts, etc.  Now it's ressurrected again.

Lots of changes, folks.

First off, my kids are now teens.  Both of them.  Fine young men.  Too weird now, even for me.

Big laugh.  Couldn't believe they were little boys when I started this blog.

Now they are strapping young men.

The online landscape has changed a lot too. As in, a lot.

When I started this blog, my youtube vids coughed and sputtered.  As I now noticed, I missed that era posting here.  My posts don't have much video. Oh you would have had so much fun with my boys' video finds then.  But that was that.

Now everyone's on phones.  Phones!  My gosh.  Now there's Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, Line, Viber, the list is endless.  Everyone's on phones now, I kinda find it sickening.  It kind of relieves me when I find excuses to not use the phone.

But the parenting. The parenting never changes.

Now one son lives away from me.  He's eighteen now.  But we collaborate about work and life over FB chat.  Now he's my FB son. lol.  My other son is still with me, but weirder than ever, and he's comfortable in his own skin about it.  He still teaches me a lot of things about life,and love, just by being his weird self.

My niece, my surrogate daughter, will also start college soon.

Sigh.  Life.  Too fast.  I guess right now, coming back to this blog of an "empty house," a lot of memories are now tumbling down on my consciousness.  I realize we can only really live for moments,  There are chunks of moments that seem like a phase, but each one, is just a brief moment.

And life goes on.

And this blog will also go on.

A little bit learned about motherhood, a lot about being uncertain.  As I grow on coping with growing young adults, there is a lot of uncertainty in my head now.

We can only live for each moment.


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