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Sick and Sicker during Son's Field Trip

I accompanied 8 year old to his field trip yesterday. Woke up feeling chilly... found it odd that 30 minutes later, despite all attempts at stretching and warming up, I still felt cold.

First stop, kids were enjoying playing. If there's anything that makes me and my heart smile, it's the sound of children laughing, squealing, shouting happily and romping around (should be in combination with the laughing, though.)

But I still felt weak. Wanted to work in the bus, but felt too weak I slept and slept.

Also felt vomit-y, so I didn't eat. Imagine the horror of a mom vomiting at the field trip, instead of a child!

Lugged myself around, weakly. Much to my child's boredom, who wanted to run and run, but also wanted to wait for me.

The field trip was nice. With long time for the children to play, and still learn about the sciences and fine arts (we watched a "primer for kids" ballet. Showed the boys that ballet wasn't for wussy boys only).

- - -

Last stop: the…

Outdated Learnings in School

Last time I went to school was 80s-90s. I noticed that, by the time 12year old was using books in the late 90s, there have been a lot of new info (not so new now) that have deported the stuff I learned in school to the classroom trashbin.

Here are some those nitty gritty ek-ek I've picked up along the way.

There are a lot, but these are all I remember off my head right now.
I will update this as we go along the way.


1. Order of operations in solving any number sentence

OLD (My time) - M.D.A.S
Multiply - Divide first; then add - subtract

(When I saw this in my son's notebook, I went WTF??@&#**&#&$!!)
Turns out this is : Solve within Parenthesis first, then
Exponents, then Multiply-Divide, Add-Subtract. Ah, ok.

2. Mental Maths

OLD - Brief section in curriculum, application depending on whim of


I protest the removal of the cartoon Atashin' Chi at GMA-7 the 8:30AM slot!


Field Trip

"Mom, mom!" 8year old panted as he stormed into the house.

"Come with me to our field trip!"

Do you still want me to go with you? Or are you asking me because everyone else is bringing a guardian? Just making sure I'm not violating his 8 year old turf. "You really want me to go?"

8yo Nods.

Ok then. Where are we going?

"Crocodile farm!"

Crocodile farm... Where's that?

"I dunno."


Ooh. I know I know I know....!

We're going to Congress!
I laugh my maniacal laugh...

The humor is lost to 8year old, who stares at me as he silently tells himself "My old woman is nuts!"

Dorky Dancing


I'm bursting with happiness.

I'm currently re-writing product descriptions for a site. Showed a 2500% increase in sales today!

If online businesses could only join the olympics, we could've conquered the longjump division. Legs up.

***Now I do some dork dancing***

My dork dance is any movement i feel like doing, a little more robotic, a little not in-sync, capped with ultrasuperdupermagneticfast (ehem) Running Man of the 90's. (Gaaacck).

What's your dork dance?

Long No-class

8 year old was ecstatic. "Mom, good news!"

Eh wot?

I'm top 1 in class!

Brrsshht! Nope, that was my imagination talking. I put my attention back to the 8-year old.

"No classes on August 18 and 19! Yeyyyyyyy!!!"

School's declared no classes for the Ninoy Aquino Day (originally Aug21, but moved to Aug18 by govt) and Quezon City Day on Aug.19.

However, as I research this right now, looks like govt changed the date for Ninoy's holiday and opted for Aug 20 as the non-working holiday instead.

Easy and Real Chicken Nuggets for Kids

Everybody loves those chicken nuggets in the grocery. I stopped buying several years ago though, when an environmental org came out with a list of products using genetically modified corn. The list included those chicken nuggets, and so I stopped buying.

Fast forward to today. Thing2 keeps hankering to bring nuggets to school. Seems all his classmates bring the nuggets for packed lunch.

But it has genetically modified corn! I protest.

"I don't care." says 8-year old.

Well I'll make our own.

Slow-mo scream of anguish, "Noooooo..."

Anyhoo, much to my disbelief, I made my own nuggets for 8-year old last night. At least, whatever gmo the chicken I used ate, I don't know about.

If my recipe is real primitive, (w/o measurements and all), well, that's how I cook! Drives my mom up the wall... Just want to demo that cooking for the family can be done by dorks too. Not really rocket science, just need some daring and kapal-muks(thick skin) to watch the…

Some Modern Vocabulary from an 8-year old

Sometimes, we get cues from our kids that signal how modern technology is totally enmeshed in their brains.

Computer jargon, for example, is serving as substitutes for everyday trivial words.

"I'm coming dear, just waiting for this to download."

1. "First Blood!" - First points earned/ catch for a team.

Kids are familiar with this idiom because this is also a dialogue from the online game DOTA.

I witnessed this during the summer sportsfest. Was watching my wards (sons and niece) play the local game patintero. As the whistle signalling the start of the game tooted, the Green Team players darted across the barriers (Blue Team players). After a few moments, two players of the Green Team were captured by Blue.

As if on cue, members of the Blue Team shouted, "FIRST BLOOOOOOD!"

I gaped at the chorus.

2. "Safe Removal of Hardware" - means Potholder

"Mooooooooommm... have you seen the safe removal of hardware?" 8yo screams in the backgroun…

Say Chess!

When I was younger, my foolish ambition is to be “intellectual.” I wanted to pursue all things intelligent.

Including chess.

Chess is an intelligent person’s game. How else do you survive the game unless you don’t make full use of your planning, strategizing and logic powers?

So, considering the intelligence aspects required of chess, it's but natural that this is one intellectual pleasure pursuit that I fail miserably.

My level of comprehension in chess is limited to 1) what move each piece is allowed to do, and 2) the spelling of this game.

- - -

My boys are better than me at this game. Maybe they got their chess skills from their sperm donor.

Last Saturday, 8 year old was playing chess with a 17-year old cousin.

Me babbling in the background: What's the rook for?
“The piece that goes in straight lines,” said 12 year old.

No, I mean what’s the equivalent of the rook’s political power?

If the pawns are the masa and lower level officials, and the king is royalty who just waves and …

Corruption in Minors

I like the series of commercials in Philippine TV that is currently running these days regarding corruption.

Scenario: A boy breaks mom’s vase. His dog happily wags his tail as this happens.

Along comes the big brother, who says that “If you clean my room for an entire week, I’ll tell mom that the dog did it.”

Then some text flashes. I don’t exactly remember what it is, but it is about corruption may possibly start while young.

I’ve seen the other commercials in the series, and these are all simple and direct to the point. I like all, but the one about the two brothers, obviously struck a chord with me the most.

Year in and out, the Philippines always ranks high in the list of most corrupt countries.

Seeing the commercial, I realized that, maybe we’re always the most corrupt because we don’t know what corruption really means, and what acts constitute as such.

The people behind this commercial smartly know this. They are also smartly changing the moral standards of a country regarding…

Boys and Grooming

I’ve always believed that it is the divine right of the male species to look and smell as great as the girls. I can only imagine how sucky it would be when guys are deprived or the pleasures we women/ girls get from preening and polishing ourselves. I enjoy it when I see guys take pleasure in caring for their physical selves. I personally believe whatever guy-softening that can be done would help a lot in other aspects of their lives. Males suffer too much backlash from the pressure of compulsory toughness.

I don’t want my sons to come out a severe cut from the macho-wacho-mold. Those types of guys are crazy (and may stink, to boot).

I would prefer the boys to grow up well-groomed and polished. People always tell them they are handsome boys. What a waste it would be if they grew up stinky and uncaring about their personal appearance.

For this school year, I’ve been preparing a “basic kikay kit” for them to use. Just the basics for young boys, of course. It contains a comb, t…

Science Can be Fun

Hey. School’s back, the boys are back, so… I’m baaaaack!

8 year old is now in grade 2, and 12 year old is a freshman in high school. I told 12yo I’ll bring him to school first day (blink blink).

Why? He asked.

Poker face - stifling my guffaw. Because it’s your first time in highschool, you’re going to a new building, and you’ll say “Mummy, I’m scared.” Then I’ll say, Ok anak, Don’t be afraid, I’ll hold your hand..
He looked at me incredulously. Can you please not go with me?

Nope. I want go with you. (Still stifling guffaw)

Hehe. Needless to say, I went to school first day and looked 8 year old up in class. They were asked to go home early so I waited for 8 year old to get out of school and we both went home.

Of course, I was just sh_tting 12 year old. Hehe

- - -

I read somewhere that another bonding time you can spend with your boys is reading to them the lives of great science men. One of my life regrets is that I didn’t appreciate science enough so I thought I would also benefit …

Split Personalities

Hi, all. Been more than a month since I last wrote, sorry. Summer break's ongoing right now. The boys are over at their grandma's and I've been maximizing the time to get out of the house while they're away so I haven't been able to blog. (Also, READ- the subjects of my blog are not with me. LOL! Hence, the silence.)

I often drop by my mom's to spend time with them, and I've been wondering.

How is it that for all the little details we patiently teach our kids day in and day out, they conveniently forget everything once they're in grandma's house?

You know, little selfcare stuff- like brushing the teeth. Or helping around the house.

My mom's complaining how idle one son is. He is uncooperative with chores, and will do everything in his power to wheedle away from a request. I've been reminding him to help out, just as he does at home with me. Sometimes this reminding gets ugly, but it has to be done.

Curiouser and curiouser, when the boy…

Brothers' Rivalry

Oh yes, brother rivalry exists in my house. When they were younger, the bigger brother would turn a tad nasty on the baby when he felt the other one was getting more attention or praise. There were several times when I would see, from start to finish, how the bigger would pinch, hit or do some violence on the small one. As the little one cried and I reprimand him, he would stare blankly and go "What?" as if he didn't do anything.

Fast forward to now, big bro has mellowed a lot. The competition in the house has become a little healthier, but still with the same brand of brotherly taunt.

Their competition focus: academics (Teynks, Gad.)

Every quarter, each competes who has more stars (and the corresponding ranking) and who's higher in the class ranking. Both boys, thankfully, are always in top 10 (or sometimes slipping to 11th). One gets tortured when the other is higher.

Certificates are also a big deal. Any kind of certificate brought home by one (even Most Punctu…

Activism and Kids

How open are you to teaching your kids about activism?

Activism, after all, is not confined to the streets. It comes from the word "active", hence, it is more about being pro-active on issues you care about. It is not confined exclusively to political participation in the streets. It can also be about your concern with the environment, health, education, gender, etc. Participation can range from joining rallies to the small but important tasks, like segregating trash at home.

My kids grew up seeing me joining rallies and pickets.

I've come a long way from my first ever rally in Baguio when I was a college freshman. I think the issue then was the rollback of oil prices. I enjoyed that rally. I was at the end of the line, goofily shouting "i-rollback, -irollback presyo ng San Miguel (Beer)!" Hahaha... the grim and determineds would've shook their heads if they heard.

12 year old, time and again, has asked if he could come with me to rallies. Of co…

Stressing Over Feeding

Thing2's stuffed lion eats dog!

For someone who has boys, I spend relatively little on food.

I come from a family that loves to eat. We always kid that our clan gets "sakit ng matatakaw" (diseases of gluttons) -- ie., hypertension from high cholosterol and diabetes. Like other Filipino families, our Sunday luncheons start at the table at noon. The conversations continue throughout the day, STILL at the table. Walang tayuan (Nobody stands up.)

At first we found it kinda weird that my kids and my nephew/ nieces don't like eating. My niece, doesn't like to eat and will do away with eating, if only possible.

During the earlier years, I tried to feed my kids everything. Mealtimes ended in tears, especially for my firstborn.

Eventually I realized that my boys only eat according to their stomach's fill. Which is good. Kids are more in tune with matching the amount of food they eat to their hunger.

When I realized this, I stopped pestering them to eat.

I als…

My Best VDay

Have you noticed how some commercial establishments have dropped using the name valentines day for Feb. 14 but instead use Hearts' Day? Maybe they want to drop the connotation with the saint? I deliciously agree this hot and heavy occassion for lovers is far from "saintly".


As for me, I barely remember the hot and heavy VDays since it's been so long since I shared one with a lover.

What I do remember are the feb14s with my boys.

We're not a touchy-feely family. And since my boys are high-risk to be apathetic macho-wachos (hereditary hehehe), I've pledged to myself that I would celebrate occassions, no matter how simple, to teach my boys about celebrating love.

That's why, during feb14s, I grab some little treats to show them I love them.

There was one year when 8 year old was at his grandma's, so 12 year old and I trooped out with the masses to grab pizza. We just hung out and talked about school and life for a 3rd?/ 4th? grader. Interesting w…

Happy Birthday, Booga

It's Booga's 8th birthday!


We love our children to death. When their birthdays come around we obsess over the littlest details to guarantee they have the happiest day ever. We obsess so much over what to do, what to cook, gifts to wrap that sometimes we forget to really look.

If we really look,

...We'll see how our child has grown. I told 8 year old that morning, "Anak (My child), you've grown so much... Remember when I used to take you to the office everyday? You were so small then. Now look at you!" His mid-calf shorts now hung above his knees.

... We'll see how funny our child has become. From impersonations, homorous comments and witticisms, our children never run out of "baon".

... We'll see how responsible our child has become. 8 year old also has the mumps this week. I've been pressing him to rest. What he does, instead of rest, is get the broom and dustpan and cleaned their bedroom! Neat freak alert.

... We'll see …

Boys and Chores

I'm sure most parents will agree with me that letting boys do chores around the house helps in building character. However, Filipino parents may disagree on which chores to assign.

For me, I try to teach them all kinds of chores. From the more stereotypical "male" chores - like carpentry, basic electronics, cleaning their own rooms, etc. - to the more down and dirty "feminine" chores (as in kitchen, bathroom, clothes-related chores). I just try to see if they can do a chore, depending on age or ability, and ask them to do these chores during week-ends.

I bring this up because last week-end, my mom, being the old-school Filipina that she is, said "Don't let them do womanly chores, they'll turn gay."

Of course, I gagged. I initially wanted to start an argument. "What's the connection between chores and their sexuality?" I started. But seeing she meant well, and since I won't be able to persuade her anyways, I decided to sh…
Once, Booger (7-year old) asked me what a dirty finger is.

I said, "Um... A finger that touched dust?" Or something more unoriginal. "When you play in the mud and you wash up but forgot to wash your finger?"

I've been a coach for teenage girls and gays for some years. A main issue that we study is the body and sexuality. I'm acutely aware of how we are conditioned by society - starting from our childhood - that our bodies are filthy and bad. Later on in our lives this misconception about our bodies causes complications. I don't think it's a good idea to continue this concept among our young ones.

7year old raises his middle finger. "Why is this a bad finger?"

Huh? What did your finger do that made it bad?


When you point that middle finger up, does it steal, cheat, or kill people?


Look at it. What is it, really?

"Just a hand."

Right. It's a part of your body. I don't know why people …

Having Difficulty Putting Boys to Sleep?

In my short stint as parent, I have found a foolproof way to put boys promptly to sleep. Yes, without sugary pleas, threats and shouts.


It's exams time once again and the boys are back by noon. In contrast to my regular day of heavenly, peaceful silence from morning to 3PM, the house is in a whirlwind of noise today. Electronic strums of a rock "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" scares away my silence. (In fairness, this version of the nursery rhyme sounds nice.) A rhythmic banging of toys on the floor plonks over my head.

I alternately remind and shout for them to "Study for the exams, you guys." The din continues. My reminder/ shouting continues. I'm on Instant Messenger with my sister and I invoke her name. "Tita (Aunt) says you should studyyyyy..." The boys scramble to look at the monitor if their aunt really ordered them to study. 7-year old good-naturedly sticks out his tongue at the message and runs off.

Always, my style is to set …

Champion is Champion

I'm newly addicted to the local detergent -- Champion!

Smells fresh, fresh, fresh...

Very clean too. Soak socks in it, voila!-- clean socks even without scrubbing. How the fonk do they do that?

Price is in the cheapo league.
I get it in the next-door wet market P11 for 3packs. In landmark grocery, each pack costs P5. Half kilo pack costs similarly to my other fave practical detergent, Pride.

Big bonus: Biodegradable suds and all, like Pride.

I'm so addicted to the smell I want to clean everything with it... even take a bath in it! But I don't have the guts....

Addictions have their boundaries, after all.

Mother Fonking

Hello, world.

This is Kat. I am your resident mother-fonker. I'm a momma, house maid/ nanny/ tumblingera/ online worker/ etc/ etc.

Mothers are a multi-faceted species. We are hallmark-card/ kodak moment poster girls, but we can be funny, dorky and yes, even (ahem!) unreasonable.

What's a fonk?

I have no idea.

But the Urban Dictionary (bless them!) gives us a pretty complete picture.

1. fonk - An extreme form of funk.
Damn, wash yourself! You got fonk.

2. fonk - This is like sayin u have beef with somebody..fonkin
are they still fonkin with them?

3. fonk - (My favorite!) A merger of the words: fart & honk; to describe the sound of a fart when mentioning it.
I laughed so hard, I accidentally released a fonk.

4. fonk - A catch-all word, meaning anything, depending on the context in which it is uttered.

That girl/boy is such a fonk!

5. fonk - A cross between fuck and bonk
"where's Jim?"
"he's upstairs fonking Betty"

6. fonk - An Aussie acr…