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The Classiest Mistress Bitch

When I was younger and meaner, I've tried on the "Junior-mistress-in-Training" clothes, had an affair with an SOB who already had a girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah, before I get up from the PC with arrows all over my head, as people who know me in personal life already know, I have already paid handsomely and dearly for this shiteous (thanks Good Enough Mama for this crazy vocabulary for the day!) behavior. Actually, I'm still paying for it 'til now, now that I think about it. LOL Credit line to eternity...

I'm sure many of you my dear sisters detest "the other woman" or the mistress bitch archetype. Whatever she looks, sounds like, thinks or feels, we hate her. Whether she's quiet, noisy, mousy, hot, small, large (XXXXL!), as long as she thieved away one woman's man, we hate her. We lump them all together into one category: too non-human to understand. We, as mothers, comprehend love and understanding. Surprisingly, for this group, we have t…

Linky Winkies ;-)

This is my space to acknowledge these great blogs. Please check them out.

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Make Friends with your Kids' Friends

Make friends with your kids' friends, remember their names and information. It adds to the list of lifestuff you can share with your kids.

Attended 2 thingamajiggy events in the boys' school. One program for each son, so I was running to and fro the high school and elementary.

I inhaled the vibe of high school. The young men strutted, the young lasses were consciously being pretty. I lurved eet!

What I loved most about being near teenagers: being around a sea of spankin' new collagen in skin and hair... Made me feel the skin by my eyes and neck went up an inch or two. I swear!

- -

I have been a youth coach in my non-profit heyday, so it's natural for me to talk to young people.

I didn't know this was supposed to be weird until I recounted a conversation to my childhood friend, of my sons' friend talking to me/ joking with each other even though their basketball game has already started. My friend teased me, "Uyy.. close (Translation: Uyy.. the boy is close…

Downers, Shockers but still Important Info

The China milk news is still grating through my veins right now (been several days, really). As in I feel this "bshk bshk bshk" in my insides as I imagine how people ACTUALLY GIVE the GO-AHEAD for literally deadly stuff just because it brings down production cost, etc etc. Grrr...

- -

Also saw this site as I did my entre-rounds - on kids suffocating themselves and calling it a "game". Damn, who coined such a pleasant spin on a very dangerous act? Grr...

Very much a downer, but something to include in monitoring our children.

I am so not telling my boys about this. While I trust their judgment and am open to them about the uglier realities of life, my call on this one is to shut up. I'll just put the info on auto-monitor, just in case...

I shudder to think that kids even try this.

- -

Just posting this as FYI for parents who don't know yet.

Tagged! Me it! - Katya's Quirks

Mrs. Bear over at Outnumbered 2 to 1 tagged me to write 6 quirksome things about myself. Told her I may have some difficulty spilling out 6 items because I've lost all objective perception of what is quirky, weird or outright evillll...

I'm also tagging the following blogs for this meme. Just write 6 quirky things about yourself, choose 6 blogs you would also like to write their quirkiness, put their links on your blog and inform them.

Have fun writing!

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- -
Here goes. Stifle the yawning, pls.

"The polo shirts ALWAYS look whiter over there."

If other people are hung up over the greenness of the grass over at the neighbors', me, I'm hung up over my sons' uniforms.

Other kids' white uniforms always seem white and clean.
My sons' always look grayscale, whether I view it wit…

Saving the World w Ice Cream Tubs

Everyone says the animated movie Wall-E is great.

I agree. We've only seen it this week-end (late again) and I lurv it!, especially for it's environmental angle.

Definitely, I cringed at the earth's trash.
If you haven't seen the movie, you will, too.

Wall-E with trash, and a trashed bra blocks his view

- -

Here in my country, people still haven't caught on the bring-your-own-grocery-bags lifestyle. We're behind by decades compared to other countries in terms of environment awareness (Cringe). All establishments still provide plastic bags.

- If you shop in the grocery stores, at least the whole week's supply is
nicely fit into the least number of bags possible.

- But if you shop at the wet markets, each store provides a bag. So if you
shop for one item at ten stores you get ten bags. (Cringer)

I've been planning for years now to bring my own shopping bags but I always forget.

I live next to a wet market, and buy daily for fresh …

Dorky Bonding Time for Mother and Son

I haven't been going out with my friends for the longest time.

Met up with them and caught up on their lives news.

As we walked home, a friend mentioned about two brothers (Filipino) gaining great following on YouTube by lip-sync-ing popular songs. It was pretty entertaining, she said. Their first videos were shot only through a cellphone on top of the sofa. I was intrigued so I told her I'll check it out when I got home.

When I got home, 8 year old was already asleep. 12 year old was in front of the pc, viewing YouTube.

I told him "Look up Moymoy Palaboy."

And he said "I AM watching Moymoy Palaboy right now."

Weird huh.

Turns out these two brothers are kooky. Vids are quite dorky, but fun to watch.

Lurv the vids. 12 year old and I spent about an hour or two chuckling together.

Here's some of my faves.


Love how their aunt passes by and dances, oblivious a video is being shot.
Translation at the end: "And the other moustache has never be…

Traditional in High-tech


(A Dictionary of Filipino Slang Words & Idioms)

Banig. The woven mat where most Filipinos sleep on. My grandfather used to lay out a banig in the living room when he thought it was about time that my aunt’s suitor had to leave—six pm—when the sun went down.

To my impressionable young mind back in the ‘80s, Filipino movies were corny. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the Filipino obra movies were made in the 1980’s. But of course, being a child then, I can only see the fluff movies. Most of these 1970’s-80’s movies I also see only in tv, not in the moviehouse.

Courtship scenes were, of course, iconic to Pinoy movies (Along with dancing on the beach scenes). Young boy, together with his friends, troop to the fair maiden’s house in the evening to hang out. Young boy and fair maiden make googoo eyes at each other as strict father or mother hover in the background.

Young men serenading a maiden late at night, and these men being doused with liquid stuff from the bed pan (…

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Deadline is September 14, 2008. Draw is on September 15.

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Striving to be a Better Parent

Of course we all want to be better. Each and every day, we try. Each and everyday, we hope we're better for our children than yesterday.

Oh boy, Fonker is pretty serious today. Why???

- -

Well, things are pretty kick-ass here at home. Just learned yesterday (Thursday)that release of cards is tomorrow (Saturday). And only learned today the boys' academic ranking.

As always, 8year old is tenth in class. Yey. Yey because I don't push him to be in the top 10, but he is. All I bug him for is to pass requirements on schedule.

12year old is no.3! A first time for the family. I also don't bug him, except for the basic things like monitoring deadlines, etc. He's always ranked 6th-8th every quarter, so this is a happy time for all of us.

He has his awarding program tomorrow, so I'm very proud.

Plus I didn't forget my manners and told both boys I'm proud of them.

- -

So here I am, doing laundry, after the boys have gone to sleep...
Like you I get my most profo…

Jeans miracle

My body type is very-pear-shaped with thunder thighs. I rarely get to buy jeans that fit well. My blouses are sized at medium or large (equivalent to 2/4/6 US size), but my pants (sigh) scream at XXL or beyond (size 10 or 12). And I'm only 5"3... in heels!

Easy enough for me to slap on any pair, but really, they just look so wrong. Either it fits my waist nicely but the thighs are bursting... or the thighs are comfy, but the pants fall. And believe me, when you use belts, it doesn't really do the trick because the pants fold vertical creases at the waist. The belt is up but the pants are still down, hanging desperately by the belt holder. Plus you get burned marks at the waist. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Low rise for ladies, out. Always too teeny tiny. The entire pair.
Boot-leg. Always too tight at the knees. WTFonk??? Ick.
Straight cut for ladies. If I can find something straight for my thighs, it totally transforms into flare pants. And it's IF I find straight cut t…


Haven't been blogging since after my 2-day mysterious illness (mysterious since the symptoms were new to me) the 2 boys were down with very high fever.

Was worried mostly about them having dengue fever, that easily escalates to hemorrhagic dengue or dengue shock. It's pretty common here, since we're a tropical country. It's very scary for me since after several days of very high fever, the child seems well, but it's actually this wellness stage that blood platelets count start dropping.

When I was a teen-ager, my 12 year old cousin had very high fever for three days, got well, then suddenly died! (On the 4th or 5th day since the start of the high fever). Turns out she had dengue... The sad thing is, she must've not known she's dead because the children often see her passing by in the house after her death.

So on to the present, when the boys' sperm donor told me to bring them to the doctor in the morning since 12year old had spots, I froze. (He sle…