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The Classiest Mistress Bitch

When I was younger and meaner, I've tried on the "Junior-mistress-in-Training" clothes, had an affair with an SOB who already had a girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah, before I get up from the PC with arrows all over my head, as people who know me in personal life already know, I have already paid handsomely and dearly for this shiteous (thanks Good Enough Mama for this crazy vocabulary for the day!) behavior. Actually, I'm still paying for it 'til now, now that I think about it. LOL Credit line to eternity...

I'm sure many of you my dear sisters detest "the other woman" or the mistress bitch archetype. Whatever she looks, sounds like, thinks or feels, we hate her. Whether she's quiet, noisy, mousy, hot, small, large (XXXXL!), as long as she thieved away one woman's man, we hate her. We lump them all together into one category: too non-human to understand. We, as mothers, comprehend love and understanding. Surprisingly, for this group, we have the tendency to not budge.

Last Saturday, I had the chance to re-think some regarding this as I heard the dialogue from a local show.

- The teen heroine wanted to go to the wake of her dead father.
- She can't.
- Turns out she was a lovechild between the usual horrid, loudly dressed, too made up, sexy mistress, and her dad.
- The first time she tried to go to the wake with her friends, she was turned away by Original Wifey.

Next time, her mistress-mom accompanied her.

This is what the mistress told the Original Wifey:

"I know you've wanted to kick and slap me since the day you've learned about me. Well, kick and slap me for as long as you want now, as long my daughter wants to spend time with her dad!"

And I, washing the dishes in the background, exclaimed out loud "(LOL) Whoa, CLASSEH!"

8 year old was puzzled why I was talking to myself again.

Interesting to find what mothers, whether wives are mistresses to begin with, will do (or have done to them!) for their kids.

I never did get to find out what the orig wifey did.

What would you have done if you were Orig Wifey? Or if you were Mistress?


You know, it'd depend on the situation. I'd say I'd leave the bastard, but who knows what the deal would be. I don't pass judgement on anyone. Lord knows I've created enough trouble to be judged myself. I like that post. Ballsy :)
mrsbear said…
Takes some guts to post that kind of admission. Personally I don't know that I'd blame the child for the indiscretions of the parents. That's one of those situations though you can't predict the reaction to. I think most women like to think they'd take the moral high road and walk out, but unless you've worn those shoes...well, you know.
Kat Olivares said…
My life is an open-book offline, so I don't find reason to close it online:-).

And I always have the "I was young and foolish then." excuse. LOL How convenient.

A little peek inside my can of worms can be ok, i guess, as long as i keep it to bare minimum.

There's more dirt than meets the blog ;-)
Toni said…
If I were the Orig wife, I would have let the child be there. It wasn't the child's fault...
Kat Olivares said…
Guess it's great drama fodder to highlight the closed-mindedness of people (such as forbidding innocent kids with no connection to adult's extramarital affairs to attend a parent's wake)...

although here in my country whatever dialogue you feed to tv shows, the public automatically agrees with it... AND becomes the standard of moral behavior,

no matter how bizaare, silly or outright stupid that behavior is.

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