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Make Friends with your Kids' Friends

Make friends with your kids' friends, remember their names and information. It adds to the list of lifestuff you can share with your kids.

Attended 2 thingamajiggy events in the boys' school. One program for each son, so I was running to and fro the high school and elementary.

I inhaled the vibe of high school. The young men strutted, the young lasses were consciously being pretty. I lurved eet!

What I loved most about being near teenagers: being around a sea of spankin' new collagen in skin and hair... Made me feel the skin by my eyes and neck went up an inch or two. I swear!

- -

I have been a youth coach in my non-profit heyday, so it's natural for me to talk to young people.

I didn't know this was supposed to be weird until I recounted a conversation to my childhood friend, of my sons' friend talking to me/ joking with each other even though their basketball game has already started. My friend teased me, "Uyy.. close (Translation: Uyy.. the boy is close to you."

So I go in my head, "???"

I guess talking to kids is one thing I acquired from my previous office of feminists and activists. They were nice, open and non-toxic to their kids. Lucky for the boys I worked at that office. I was exposed to a slightly generation-gapped family.

And then I remember how virtually nobody's parents talked to us when we were teen-agers. And those adults who did, I really admire and feel close to, even upto now. Ashamedly, I opened up to them more I did my own parents.

Make friends with your kids' friends, remember their names and information. It adds to the list of lifestuff you can share with your kids.

- -

Funny last claiming of report cards, I nudged my freshman son "Introduce me to your friends." I wanted to get to know him more through the people he hung out with. And also, so I know who he's talking about when he talks about the happenings in class. Etchos... Besides my seriously noble intentions, I thought I'd enjoy making him squirm. (Can't leave that out of the agenda, hehehe)

Well, he did introduce me to his friends and close classmates. He did a pretty good job, like a well-mannered, balanced boy. (Wanted to shake him by the collar to see if there's any sign of possession... No??? Alien invasion?)

You know who squirmed while I was being introduced?

His classmates!


mrsbear said…
I'm with you. Being involved with the kids, even though they occasionally squirm, keeps the lines of communication open. And makes you more aware when something changes.

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