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Haven't been blogging since after my 2-day mysterious illness (mysterious since the symptoms were new to me) the 2 boys were down with very high fever.

Was worried mostly about them having dengue fever, that easily escalates to hemorrhagic dengue or dengue shock. It's pretty common here, since we're a tropical country. It's very scary for me since after several days of very high fever, the child seems well, but it's actually this wellness stage that blood platelets count start dropping.

When I was a teen-ager, my 12 year old cousin had very high fever for three days, got well, then suddenly died! (On the 4th or 5th day since the start of the high fever). Turns out she had dengue... The sad thing is, she must've not known she's dead because the children often see her passing by in the house after her death.

So on to the present, when the boys' sperm donor told me to bring them to the doctor in the morning since 12year old had spots, I froze. (He slept the entire day in his room so I really did not see.) I didn't wait 'til morning, I wheeled them in to the emergency room at 10PM.

Thankfully, they were outpatients. They had blood tests three days in a row. Surprisingly, 8 year old was pretty cool about it. No screaming or tears everytime the needle puctured him for some blood samples, as I expected kids to. He just scrunched his face quietly everytime, like his big bro.

I also scoured the web for dengue articles so I can monitor them closely. Also found this article in Kengkay's blog, about sweet potato plants bringing up blood count, and it's effective! I churned out big batches of sweet potato juice with citrus juices to make it more edible for the boys. Yum! Tastes great and the blood counts were up, up, up! Thanks so much, Kengkay, for the post!

Turns out 12 year old has measles. He's had it before, the teensy weensy kind, so now it's the real deal. While measles has its own scary turf to terrorize, I am less fearful of it than dengue. 8 year old... shared in the flu-like symptoms, but no dengue and no measles.

On the fourth day of having no fever, they were up chirpy and bantering. Teynks Gad, I never think I look forward to boys' banter. But now it makes me smile :-)

- -

Fever alert!

What to watch out for : DENGUE FEVER
More common in tropical countries, spread around by mosquito aegyptis aedes
Complication of dengue fever is dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock

Symptoms or Child has :

- Very high fever for 2-7 days (can be as high as 41 degrees)
- possibly, convulsions
- rashes in arms and legs
- older children: pain behind eyes, stomach pain, muscle pain, headache
- Easily mistaken for severe flu or measles


No meds for this one.

Main concern is to monitor blood count, maintain fluids in the body.

Paracetamol for very high fever.

No vaccine either.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is a lethal complication from dengue fever.
- Rashes are more pronounced
- Watch out for bleeding in the nose and the gums
- Bloody stool
- May require blood transfusion for severe cases


mrsbear said…
That sounds horrible. I would have been terrified. So glad your boys are doing better.
Kat Olivares said…
Only on the 4th day since having no fever, did they wake up all chirpy.

They laughed and laughed the whole two days, actually giggled and giggled! (Don't tell em scruffy boys their mom said they were giggling! shh)

I am so relieved...

- -

Yesterday at the dinner table, before eating. (Eyes closed):

"Dear Lord, thank you for letting us pass our most recent illness... thank you that they're going to school tomorrow... I will finally have some peace and quiet in this house I can work! Yeyy"

Boys roll their eyes but laugh...
Minxy Mimi said…
I am glad you all are well!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Sandra Carvalho said…
Hope they're feeling better right now.
Hey!Tkx for stopping by my blog! ;)
Take care.
Anonymous said…
am glad to know the boys are doing better. that post about the sweet potatoes is a forwarded email -- i blogged about it because i saw it might help; and it is always a heady feeling knowing about the testimonials about it's effectivity. i am planning to plant them here in germany, too :D after all, we have ampalaya in our garden now.
Kat Olivares said…
Great idea, Kengks:-)

Me I can't plant anything since we live in an apartment.

But both boys grew up eating talbos since my mom has a vege garden and she fed it to them since they were babies. So I had no problem making them drink the juice. (8 year old likes it as a lone viand with rice.)

The juice's flavor, by the way, easily blends with flavors of different natural and artificial juices.

Speaking of... a friend of mine said: her friend from Dept of Agri had been doing an experiment for DA on finding out about the nutritional/ curative properties of lemongrass or "tanglad". Proved that tanglad juice is a great way to lower bad cholesterol, plus cleans the liver more effectively. No published papers we can access though, but it's comforting and something to try. We can't go wrong with anything natural, I guess... (Never mind the hoity toity about overdosing on herbal stuff.)

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