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Saving the World w Ice Cream Tubs

Everyone says the animated movie Wall-E is great.

I agree. We've only seen it this week-end (late again) and I lurv it!, especially for it's environmental angle.

Definitely, I cringed at the earth's trash.
If you haven't seen the movie, you will, too.

Wall-E with trash, and a trashed bra blocks his view

- -

Here in my country, people still haven't caught on the bring-your-own-grocery-bags lifestyle. We're behind by decades compared to other countries in terms of environment awareness (Cringe). All establishments still provide plastic bags.

- If you shop in the grocery stores, at least the whole week's supply is
nicely fit into the least number of bags possible.

- But if you shop at the wet markets, each store provides a bag. So if you
shop for one item at ten stores you get ten bags. (Cringer)

I've been planning for years now to bring my own shopping bags but I always forget.

I live next to a wet market, and buy daily for fresh food SO IMAGINE THE PLASTIC BAGS I IRRESPONSIBLY ACCRUE (Cringest).

- -

After watching Wall-E, the next day I brought my cloth tote bag and empty ice cream tubs to the wet market.

The ice cream tubs were for the fish and meat.

The sellers were pleased. I got superpretty smiles from them that day. 12 year old son said it's not because they were happy to help save the environment with me. It was because I was saving them plastic bags to give to other customers.

Fine with me... at this point.

As long as I've started doing my share for Momma Earth (and secretly setting a good example for the boys... hehe, sneaky), I'll worry about that next time.


mrsbear said…
You definitely get high marks for trying.

I put your link up because I tagged you for a meme, you have to post six quirks about yourself on your blog, then tag other bloggers to do the same.

Happy writing.
Kat Olivares said…

Quirky, quirky... *thinking-stroking chin*

This could be hard because i've lost my boundaries for what is "normal" and "quirky".

But thanks so much! :-)

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