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Oh, oh, oh, oh... Sweet Child of Mine

Of course, no smiling pics from this teen

I already have a teen-ager today!
Older son is 13 years old.
And I'm still cute! hahaha ilurveet...

I can totally relate to Mrs Bear's thoughts on her daughter's birthday.
Exact same thingy on raising a fussy 1st born.

13yo bore all the brunt of my toxic younger years: the wrecklessness, my negligence, my crazy bitch fits/ possession. Tsk tsk...

Nonetheless, I'm still lucky enough to have this son, who is kooky and wise in his own child ways.

Son, no matter how old you get, I'll always be here to walk along with you (maybe behind you later on) in your life's journey.

And no matter how old you get,
for new stages in your life,
I will always take the moment to tease you

"I will come with you because it's your first day...
and you'll tell me, I'm scared, mummy.
And I'll say, don't worry anak, I'll hold your hand."
(whether in university, post-grad, new office, and more...)
Okay fine, when you're 3…

You Know They've Grown Again When

Should've started this list long ago. I've thought up alot of snippets about this in my head through the years.

My favorite anecdote of knowing they've grown again happened last summer.
We were all (my sister, niece, me and 2 boys) watching the weekly music video countdown. The kids were very interested watching the show with mouths open, waiting for song #20 up to the number 1 song of the week. Nobody stood up and wandered around unless there were commercial breaks.

The last time the kids watched with mouths open was for the nth repeat of some disney movies. We've definitely graduated from that now.

For today, i know they've grown again because:

1. One son went to grandma, and the other stayed behind.

Used to be that, if grandma orders them to come over, both come over. Now 1 son has grown enough brains to decline.

2. Son celebrated his birthday with friends on his own.

3. When I asked son to buy soda, he bought, got glasses, poured, and gave me my own serving…

The essence of a woman is ...

We have the 1st beauty queen in our family.

Unfortunately, the queen is a boy – the freshman son. His school has a month-long celebration of United Nations activities. He signed up as escort for *gasp!* the UN pageant. Friends know my term of endearment for my boys—and for all men and women I like - fag, fairy, princess, and now queen! This makes me Queen Mother, very interesting…

Always the cocky one, freshman strutted up and down the aisle without a care in the world. The talent portion was a hoot. He didn’t do a sound check, so he and his partner wound up with a very bad talent portion, indeed.

Just when I was about to nod off to sleep, the Q&A portion came. The question to answer was “Who is the most influential person in your life and why?”
Without batting an eyelash, he said “My mom.”
Me shouting in the background SIP-SEHPPP! (Rough translation: Sucky!)

He continued, “Because bla-bla-bla”
Shouting in the background again : ALLOWANCE RAISE FOR YA!

Good thing the stu…

Vinegar does whiten laundry! 8yo does not

Blogging teaches me a lot of things about myself.

One thing I’ve learned about myself because of blogging is how hung up I truly, madly, deeply am about my sons’ gray uniforms.

With learning, you can change. I want white uniforms but also help the environment a little. I’ve decided to drop bleach and try at least vinegar and/or baking soda at whitening my sons’ gray uniforms. If it works, I'll say goodbye forever more to the dangers of bleach to the environment and my own health.

Test for today: Vinegar to substitute for laundry bleach

So, dump in the vinegar with the laundry. This hopeless gray looks like a job for… Manual Laundry v.1.0. aka, Hand Wash!

Scrub scrub. Sing a little. What’s your laundry song? Me --> “Loving you… is easy cuz ur beautifuhhl…

I swear, VINEGAR WORKS. While the polo shirt doesn’t really look white-white, The gray brightened up a little…

… And making lohhve with youhhh, is all I wanna dooh…

Along comes 8-year old (as kids always show interest…

Cuz your friends are my friends, and my friends are yo’ homies

In some previous post, I pointed out how nice it would be if you made friends with your kids’ friends. Great move for future surveillance purposes.

Now let’s talk about the converse: Let your friends be friends with your kids.

Wha??? Why?

Life Lessons behind this:

• Mang Napo is THE Papy of all time. He’s the first man I shared a crib with. He’s my father. Loved him to the max. Just a quiet man, always invisible at the periphery of my universe. This constant presence at the sides assured me of order, peace, stability. When he went away for a long vacation (ie., forever), I found out that this wonderful man was… well, EVEN MORE wonderful than I thought, based on what his friends told us about him!

How could it be possible? While it makes me happy that people regard him ever so highly, there’s a teeny part of me that makes me feel cheated. Why did I not get to meet the Napo of his friends?, this comic Napo, the Napo who cared for his work colleagues, the Napo they recognized…

Son Shares Music with Mum, or is it The Other Way Around?

How old does it make you feel when the spawn of your loins starts studying Guns and Roses?

Freshman is a rocker dude in training. Just like everything he does, he’s great with a guitar, at least for his age. At grade 5, he just asked for a guitar. When he got one, turns out he already knew how. Learned from somewhere outside the house.

While I shed hair in my day to learn tablature (tabs were rare then here), he just breezes through tabs and just… knows.

I always tell him if he was serious about his rockistry, he might as well study his rock history and other music genres, among other things (like storytelling, poetry, history, sociology, psychology, accounting, vulcanizing… oh, I nearly forgot instruments.)

He is currently in-love with Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine.

How old does it make you feel when the spawn of your loins starts studying Guns and Roses?, and the generation gap is so thick in the air it sits on your head… laughing.

- -

Well, this generation gap is a gap in a …

An award!

Thanks so much to Shiela at Life's Journey for releasing her butterflies to blogs she liked and she included me! *sniff-sniff... dab sides of eyes lightly* Blogging is such a great self-absorption activity. I talk about myself, and get an award! Nice... ;-p

I am also giving butterflies to the following bloggers... Rules are : Link to the person who gave you the award, select 10 other favorite bloggers, put in their links to your site and inform them how much you appreciate their blog.

My favorite bloggers:
- Casey @ Half as Good as You
- Kia @ Good Enough Mama
- Toni @ It is Naptime
- On the Verge
- Liza @ Moms Check Nyo
- Jamie Sue @ Free Printable Fun
- Sandra @ Super Mae
- Lisa @ Work at Home Mom Revolution
- Melinda @ Lite - The Lighter Version of Life

Should I even mention I would like to give it AGAIN to my favorite Mrs Bear? Gave her an award already, and she's so bad-ass I wouldn't be surprised if she gets all awards ever invented! (I'm sure she won't m…

On kid crushes

Wala - Filipino word meaning "Nothing"

Background: My family is super-conservative. We never talk about crushes. I'm not too sure if we were allowed to have one then. But right now, as a single 32-year old mom of 2 boys you bet your pwet (arse) I'M SURE I am NOT allowed to have crushes in front of my mom. Yeesh.

I'm not too sure where I stand about kids' crushes.

When son the freshman was in kindergarten he said his teacher teased the kids on whose crush was who. I cringed when I first learned of it. They were pre-school for Chrissakes. But this teacher (the headmistress actually) was a smart, warm, wonderful mom with several advanced degrees in child development... so it took a little getting used to, and I just let it be. I pinned my hopes she knew what she was doing, because I hadn't the foggiest idea how to deal with it.

I am still clueless about it, but I do know that generally I would like to teach my sons to be respectful, no matter who has a…

Top 10 Reasons Why I Might(?) be the World's Worst Mother

Thought it might be fun to write something that Good Enough Mama started. Wonder if my kids will agree these are the worst, or that I'm worse than worst. I hope they don't file a formal objection. Or hold a rally in my face.


#10 Months go on end that I don’t sew buttons or zippers on uniforms, etc.
Tsk tsk…

# 9 Sometimes I go for a week or two that I don’t feed them vegetables.
My saving grace is milk.


#8 Sometimes, I wake up late on schooldays.
Thus, the boys are late too. I have experienced waking up to the schoolbus aide knocking on our door.

#7 If I equally divide any snack between the 3 of us, and 1 gobbles everything up and asks for my share, I flat out refuse.

No way, man. I try to hide behind the noble reason of learning to adjust to what you have, but really, it’s because I’m selfish and don’t want to give away my share. :-p


#6 I’m always late for my sons’ programs.
At least those informal ones where I’m not expected to do anything, but…