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The essence of a woman is ...

We have the 1st beauty queen in our family.

Unfortunately, the queen is a boy – the freshman son. His school has a month-long celebration of United Nations activities. He signed up as escort for *gasp!* the UN pageant. Friends know my term of endearment for my boys—and for all men and women I like - fag, fairy, princess, and now queen! This makes me Queen Mother, very interesting…

Always the cocky one, freshman strutted up and down the aisle without a care in the world. The talent portion was a hoot. He didn’t do a sound check, so he and his partner wound up with a very bad talent portion, indeed.

Just when I was about to nod off to sleep, the Q&A portion came. The question to answer was “Who is the most influential person in your life and why?”
Without batting an eyelash, he said “My mom.”
Me shouting in the background SIP-SEHPPP! (Rough translation: Sucky!)

He continued, “Because bla-bla-bla”
Shouting in the background again : ALLOWANCE RAISE FOR YA!

Good thing the students were all excited and noisy so my bad manners was unnoticeable.

I nudge 8year old over the din. “If you tell him I said that (the allowance raise part), I will so deny it.” He looked at me with the usual "The old woman is nuts!" gape.

I knew freshman would answer that. It was a no-brainer. I was kind of fantasizing he would say something like -- because she sets a good example. Teaches me to be concerned about the environment, or because she encourages me to be cause-oriented or to value -ehem- world peace. Whatever. But not the bla-bla-bla.

Oh well. I always knew I have a tremendous responsibility over these boys because whether I wanted it or not, they will become Mini-MEs. I knew I had to be extra-careful because I hold their characters by the neck. Mothers have so much power that way. Dad may order the kids around,dictate what stuff they can have or not, but moms... moms dictate the contents of the soul. Scary, I know.

Plus there's this weird thingy about grown-up Filipino men and their mothers, so I have to watch out for that as we go along life as well.

While it gives me such great honor, hearing it straight from the beauty queen’s mouth gives me a renewed reminder of the seriousness of my responsibility.

You heard it straight, queen mother. So you better straighten up.

As I weighed what he said, I thought in this pageant, the essence of this woman (moi) is honor. I am required to live honorably all throughout my life because I carry in my hands the fragile souls of two unfortunate boys.

Surprisingly, freshie qualified for the finals.
Whatever, I feel like I already won the Ms. Universe crown.


Casey said…
Awww. Now I get the beauty queen reference from your email. If you setup your RSS feed I would have already read this.
That's awesome that your kid is participating. Go him! I'm glad he picked you as his major influence. I hope he spewed some crap about world peace after that? Do we get pictures of him with his crown?
Lynnette said…
Well congratulations sizturrette! I'm thinking how my Ully would answer the same question while just last night, he told me that he just told his Holloween costume to scare me once I scold at him again.

I just can't believe how a "ge" could raise boys that are so proud of their mom :-) That must be a very tough task huh! Can you coach me on disciplining hyperactive boys, too?
Pictures are crappy, Case. Too far, too dark... oh well.

No 2 boys alike, so I can't coach.
mrsbear said…
Aw, congrats to the boy on making it to the finals. You must be doing something right, maybe it's all that shirt scrubbing you do! You must be so proud. Nice work, mom, you deserve a crown too. ;-)
Mai da Paypay said…
hahaha! this is a very hilarious post i wonder if you call your son "queen" to his face though...i hope not! :-)
Casey said…
Stopped by to look for that post we talked about?!? This is how I motivate, by nagging incessantly.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. We can do this! (1/2asSmallasU) lol

Love this post. You sound like an awesome mom to me! :)

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