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Son Shares Music with Mum, or is it The Other Way Around?

How old does it make you feel when the spawn of your loins starts studying Guns and Roses?

Freshman is a rocker dude in training. Just like everything he does, he’s great with a guitar, at least for his age. At grade 5, he just asked for a guitar. When he got one, turns out he already knew how. Learned from somewhere outside the house.

While I shed hair in my day to learn tablature (tabs were rare then here), he just breezes through tabs and just… knows.

I always tell him if he was serious about his rockistry, he might as well study his rock history and other music genres, among other things (like storytelling, poetry, history, sociology, psychology, accounting, vulcanizing… oh, I nearly forgot instruments.)

He is currently in-love with Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine.

How old does it make you feel when the spawn of your loins starts studying Guns and Roses?, and the generation gap is so thick in the air it sits on your head… laughing.

- -

Well, this generation gap is a gap in a good way, because we had a fun time looking GnR up in the net.

The mom was so alive looking up the different songs to show him that GnR is a genius in its own right.

We had fun looking up tabs, GnR on YouTube, Sheryl Crowe’s on YouTube, GnR and GnR-related sites and (OMG! I soooo lurv) Bossa n Roses.

- -

Heard Bossa n Roses in a coffee shop and wanted to ask the staff who was singing. Good thing the info was easily available on the net. Album was released in 2006, but like any GnR stuff it’s so classic anyways who cares if I just found out about them…

- -

Told my son to compare the bands in the 90s and bands now.

Bands then – stinky, icky fashion, substance deps, violent, fighty, etc etc

Bands now – (at least image-wise) smells goods, looks good, promotes peace prosperity and love for all mankind. Wussy? A lil bit, yeah.

Don’t believe me?

Which Sweet Child is sweeter?

Disabled! but here, or

Here's the audio anyways, with the cover that guys particularly love:

(Love the recorder? flute? on this one.)


mrsbear said…
Guns n' Roses Appetite for Destruction was the first vinyl album I ever bought with my own money. lol. Call me old fashioned but Sweet Child is nothing without Axl's high pitched shrieking, I can't enjoy the song unless my ears are bleeding. ha. I could do without the teased hair though. Thank you also for the tuba music today. ;-)
Oh yeah, if we tease our hair NOW, i guess it'll fall out...

i'm a wuss, i lurv the tweetums woh-oh-oh...

so is your Appetite for Destruction still alive?
mrsbear said…
That album is looong gone. I really don't know what the heck happened to it. I still love to sing along to Welcome to the Jungle when it comes on the radio.
Casey said…
I still rock out to Guns n' Roses, your kid isn't alone. Appetite was my favorite too, go Mrs. Bear! I bought it on cassette not vinyl..
xiaoyubeh said…
Haha, NOTHING beats the original. I grew up with Sweet Child o' Mine, too. Appetite For Destruction was also an important album for me while growing up, but I'm really more of a grunge grrrl. If I had a son your age, I'd totally be supportive. He could listen to all my stuff (which are still very much on loop in my iPod). I just hope he'd grow up to be like me — straightedge pa rin (no sex, drugs, & very minimal alcohol) despite the rakista lifestyle. :))

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