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Vinegar does whiten laundry! 8yo does not

Blogging teaches me a lot of things about myself.

One thing I’ve learned about myself because of blogging is how hung up I truly, madly, deeply am about my sons’ gray uniforms.

With learning, you can change. I want white uniforms but also help the environment a little. I’ve decided to drop bleach and try at least vinegar and/or baking soda at whitening my sons’ gray uniforms. If it works, I'll say goodbye forever more to the dangers of bleach to the environment and my own health.

Test for today: Vinegar to substitute for laundry bleach

So, dump in the vinegar with the laundry. This hopeless gray looks like a job for… Manual Laundry v.1.0. aka, Hand Wash!

Scrub scrub. Sing a little. What’s your laundry song? Me --> “Loving you… is easy cuz ur beautifuhhl…

I swear, VINEGAR WORKS. While the polo shirt doesn’t really look white-white, The gray brightened up a little…

… And making lohhve with youhhh, is all I wanna dooh…

Along comes 8-year old (as kids always show interest in whatever adults do) and asks

“Why does the laundry smell like food?”

Shut up. I swat him away with bubbles.

The brightened gray now looks EVEN all throughout. Ooh… Did you know that whitened laundry can bring you little pseudo orgasmic waves? If you’re as hung up with gray laundry as I am, maybe it will. Try it.

Whee. What fun. After rinsing, there's no acrid smell either.

Vinegar definitely works. Two thumbs up!!!

Postscript: I have a roof by the shower windows and hang laundry there when I want to shield laundry from the rains, etc.

I proudly hung my whitened polo shirts there.

Told 8-yo to shower. He refused. I said, Okay, you may use the bidet to shower (he likes that) so off he went. He was so happy with his bathtime, with all his imaginary buddies, I imagine.

He aimed the bidet at all his imaginary friends and everything else, INCLUDING the extremely dusty casement windows that crank upward SO ALL that hi-pressure water ran with the dust DOWN TO MY PROUDLY WHITENED POLO SHIRTS.

A requiem to my whitened laundry (thanks Bill Shakespeare):

“Farewell, my sister, fare thee well.
The elements be kind to thee, and make
Thy spirits all of comfort: fare thee well.”



Casey said…
Vinegar huh? I'll have to try that but then you might catch me licking my clean clothes. Not good.
Tammy said…
My daughter has allergies to soap and one of the things the doctors told me was to wash her clothes in vinegar instead of soap. It stopped her from getting a rash from the soap in her clothes and it worked really well.
Mrs. G said…
I noticed that bleach makes whites yellowish. VINEGAR rules!!!
On The Verge said…
Really? Vinegar? I will have to try it sometime. God bless for hand washing. You are a great Mom for doing that!
Casey said…
Hey, how's the "thing" going over there? You know what I'm talkin about...
mrsbear said…
My mother in law uses vinegar for everything. EVERYTHING. I hate the smell, but it does dissipate quickly. Sorry to hear your white shirts were a wash...Don't worry, I hear gray is the new white. Hand washing, wow, you have my respect. That's love.
So now we'll get vinegar in 5-gallon bottles.

Manual laundry v.1.0 is still pretty much done in our quaint and cute country, esp for tough dirt. odd but true...
Mai da Paypay said…
ooooohhh I am the No. 1 vinegar fan! vinegar, baking soda...they're all very effective actually. all these infomercials have brainwashed us into thinking that suddy laundry detergents are the way to go. but i'm always very clear about this, natural is the way to go. hee.
teleTwenties said…
I hate the smell of vinegar, but if it doesn't leave an after smell...

You've been tagged! Check it out at my blog three times a bridesmaid

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