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Siblings and Health

During my last hospital "guard duty," I was totally astounded that the patient was not visited by siblings. He has 6 siblings in all, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Okay fine, so 1 was in another country. So there were 5 more siblings left. 13 yo later told me 1 sister did drop in, I just wasn't there. But hell, that was still 1 out of 5.

What's the deal with that? I told my sister, I can't imagine that if that happened to you, I won't even drop by. I can't imagine dropping by just once, even. In my head, it's standard that if a sibling gets sick, you drop "generally everything" to be there. If you have office work, fine, but you're generally there everyday...

"Maybe they're busy..." she said.

Maybe, I said. Then I go nah...

"maybe they just don't like him."

Hahaha, that I can believe.

So I formed a long sermon in my head for the 2 boys about being concerned about one another's health.

In the future, when y…

You Never Really Get Over Losing -- a Real Dad

Alert - a very boring entry indeed. Diary material, not blog type.

It's my dad's birthday. I miss him so baaad. He became a perma-vacationer to another spiritual plane almost 5 years ago. I realized i've been thinking about him almost everyday the past few weeks. I don't know why. I guess I just really miss him.

I usually like to put on a festive mode whenever it's his birthday. He loved christmas traditions, so for several years now the boys and I set up the tree on his birthday after we blow some candles and have cake.

But today I don't know why I'm so sad... Tears have been streaming down my eyes on the way home from my kid's school (but the rest of me is not crying, thankfully.) Pops would have been so proud of 13yo. Yesterday the kid brought home 2 awards, one for directing the batch video and another for winning the literature quiz bee. and today was recognition day, he was top 2 in class.

but the tears just kept leaking. i went to the ma…

Making Beds

I'm pretty impressed that the Obamas are fully intending for their daughters to make their own beds. More so for their plans to make the White House into a GreenHouse (make it more energy-efficient, that is). Whoot!

Just goes to show how much of regular folks the Obamas are. I lurv eet!

But really, if us mommybloggers will also move in to the White-Green House I won't be surprised if we'll do the same. At least, I will. Why will I miss the chance to torture my boys less ;-)

I do not believe in handing out chores as punishment. Chores should be part of everyday life. But I can't help but laugh as imagine, if I were in the White bHouse, and the boys get real bad, a possible punishment would be to "Clean the entire house!" I think that'll pretty much bring their tongues out at the end of punishment day.

Kiddie books for mom

I try to force myself to read books every now and then. Yeah, the real ones, with paper and all - Info v.1.0

When life gets too hectic, a year or two can easily pass by 'til I notice I haven't read anything at all! So I try to be more conscious about it. I usually read non-fiction books, but recently these have come up.

On my reading list now

1. Monkey - A Journey to the West. A Chinese classic with profound reflections on human nature and the universe. But it's something kids love because it's all about this naughty hero. A monkey that fights and does magic. I love this translation! Understandable in this planet.

But I'm not yet done because I skipped to....

2. Twilight Done with it already. *Hides face* Yuh-uh. Guilty!...

...of hitching with the bandwagon. What the hey, movie's coming out and I intend to watch because the kid playing Cedric Diggory is there. Nyum!

For me, it's no biggie. Just some Sweet Dreams-y stuff... with no kissing! R…

Poked eyes and giant sharpeners

Yesterday, I was blissfully looking forward to a quiet day of work here in the house. Had a lot of catching up to do.

Phone rings at 7:30 am. It was 8-year old's teacher, who told me 8yo tripped while horsing around with his classmates and landed his eye on the table's corner. WTFonk???

So I went to school and found him looking like a boxer with a busted eye. This is the son who refuses to have a haircut because he feels shorter hair uglifies him, even though the hair cut off was 3mm and doesn't really change anything. So I imagine he's more concerned with what happens to his face.

He said he didn't feel dizzy after or nauseous, or puke-y, much to my relief.

Me I'm usually more laid back with accidents, but hey, the head is the head. Plus I was concerned that a major part of the eye may have been damaged so off to the doc we went. There were no ophthalmologists that morning so I picked a kid neurologist instead. We waited a while for the doc to come so we…

Parental Nagging to be Geeky?

In my gallant quest of wanting the kids to be prepared for modern day living, guess what I'm baiting them to do now?

CSS literacy? (and later, the nastier brothers and sisters of html ek2 and the like. for now, this should do....)

Never, in my wildest dreams, have I ever put this in my looong mental to-do-slash-to-teach-slash-to-encourage my children to do.

Groan... doesn't the torture ever end? For me and them.

Well, I noticed how many young people are easily/ peanutly/ chickenfeedly doing templates and skins for blogger, wordpress, multiply, friendster, and other social networking thingys. With no effort at all. Better that the boys learn now, while their gut feels are damn gewd.

As parents, we have to accept that these thingys on the net are part of daily life... and we have to accept it is part of what makes our children complete. Knowledge about it then, methinks, should be encouraged. The scarier part is that we parents should also know even a little about it. Ew. But we…

Some dialogue for teaching math at home

8year old came home today and said he didn't understand the math lesson about division.

I always despair about the incongruity of the beauty of math, and the way it is communicated to young children. It's unfair!

Math is beautiful. Exciting. Orgasmic even, when you're older. Promise.

That is, if you're nerdy enough to look through the interesting things that mathematicians have crazily compiled through the ages. But if not, oh well...

But then, us parents with maths-anxiety find it difficult to explain math operations to our kids when they get home and do homework.

How how how carabao?

Below are some dialogue that you may try to use on your kids, see if it works that they understand. The simpler dialogue is always better, no matter what age they are. If not, games/ software may do the trick, if you find one, good luck. Timez attack (for multiplication tables) is genius!

I'm not a maths teacher so take this with a pillar of salt. bonk your head on it if you also…

Starvation is Over - Reader Shmeeder is aliiiiiver

Finally! blogger and feedburner have finally decided to feed me!

Casey's eyes have whitened from waiting for it to work, but hey,
Jen is my lucky charm...