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Kiddie books for mom

I try to force myself to read books every now and then. Yeah, the real ones, with paper and all - Info v.1.0

When life gets too hectic, a year or two can easily pass by 'til I notice I haven't read anything at all! So I try to be more conscious about it. I usually read non-fiction books, but recently these have come up.

On my reading list now

1. Monkey - A Journey to the West. A Chinese classic with profound reflections on human nature and the universe. But it's something kids love because it's all about this naughty hero. A monkey that fights and does magic. I love this translation! Understandable in this planet.

But I'm not yet done because I skipped to....

2. Twilight Done with it already. *Hides face* Yuh-uh. Guilty!...

...of hitching with the bandwagon. What the hey, movie's coming out and I intend to watch because the kid playing Cedric Diggory is there. Nyum!

For me, it's no biggie. Just some Sweet Dreams-y stuff... with no kissing! Raging hormones mistaken for love, same-same. No diff with Sweet Dreams.

I wonder if kids these days read Sweet Dreams books?... Or Sweet Valley Twins/ High/ Nursing Home coming soon, i bet.

On Right Now:
3. George's Secret Key to the Universe I got this for 13year old for his bday. I got it for him mainly because it was written by THE Stephen Hawking. Yep, more on celebrity appeal. Secondary reason because it's on planets and black holes and astronomy with its physics (please don't tell him that it's only secondary, hehe)

I started it last night, so far I LURV EET!!!
Sorry Monkey, kid streaking through the cosmic universe comes 1st before you.

WHY THE HELL AM I READING CHILDREN'S BOOKS???? Ugh. I so need adult companionship.


steenky bee said…
I SO WANT TO READ THE SWEET VALLEY HIGH BOOKS NOW. Also, you might like "Are you there God? It's me Margaret" I'm just sayin'...
i think you'd also love lois lowry's the giver. read on!
jessie said…

thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment. i don't have pictures as of now. i'll ask my niece to take photos of the place where we stayed in then send it to your email this week.
dominique said…
I want to read harry potter book.. but have yet to get through the huge stack of other books on my desk
mrsbear said…
Don't feel bad, I was so addicted to the Harry Potter series I was really sad that it came to an end. Every time a new book would come out my daughter and I would take turns reading it.
Leslie said…
Hi - just found found your site - love it and the name - it's awesome!
I got so tired of reading kids books and stuff about potty training and sleep issues and blah blah that I decided to form a book club. We had our first "meeting" this past weekend and four other gals showed up. The book we decided to read is called A Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. Anyway, the adult conversation was awesome and the thought of reading adult books again is totally exciting! Bye for now but I'll be back!
Casey said…
I'd love to read an adult book, ANY book. No time, unless you want me to give up HASAY or blogging to read?
Casey said…
Where are you? I miss my fonker fix.
ps. george's secret key to the universe is kewl --

it's a quick read for a considerably thick book.

it has all the newest photos of neighboring galaxies. stuff we dont even see on the net

it has the newest theories on black holes -- like u can get out of blackholes after all. who woulda thought?

read it! read it!

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