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Poked eyes and giant sharpeners

Yesterday, I was blissfully looking forward to a quiet day of work here in the house. Had a lot of catching up to do.

Phone rings at 7:30 am. It was 8-year old's teacher, who told me 8yo tripped while horsing around with his classmates and landed his eye on the table's corner. WTFonk???

So I went to school and found him looking like a boxer with a busted eye. This is the son who refuses to have a haircut because he feels shorter hair uglifies him, even though the hair cut off was 3mm and doesn't really change anything. So I imagine he's more concerned with what happens to his face.

He said he didn't feel dizzy after or nauseous, or puke-y, much to my relief.

Me I'm usually more laid back with accidents, but hey, the head is the head. Plus I was concerned that a major part of the eye may have been damaged so off to the doc we went. There were no ophthalmologists that morning so I picked a kid neurologist instead. We waited a while for the doc to come so we just goofed around in the waiting area and laughed at the silliest things we can think of.

He had his big hankie over his face like a veil because he was very conscious of how he looked like. Suddenly he blurted out "I'm a Golden Bride..." (Golden Bride is a tv show that we don't watch, but he sees the commercial) and I reflexively blurted "Anak, that's so gay." and he laughed and laughed. Dang. This is what happens when a fag-hag raises a young boy.

He was recommended to get a ct-scan, for good measure.

8 year old felt he was on a field trip when he saw the CT-scanner. The 8year old fonker tried stifling giggles as the contraption moved him towards the big hole at the middle. "See anak, you're a giant pencil going inside the giant sharpener. And I pretend to crank in the air "And I'm gonna sharpen your head offfff."

When the results came, everything was ok. No fractures. Just swollen eye balls.

Still lucky. Teynks God.

ALERT: When your child bumps the head/ pokes the eye

Watch out for
- dizziness
- vomiting
- nausea
- unconsciousness

Don't pry open the eye. Just bring immediately to the doctor and let the doctor do the checking.


Casey said…
Oh wow, I'm glad the kid is ok. That pencil sharpener sounds cool, maybe I'll schedule one this morning. There's gotta be something wrong with this noggin of mine if I'm so addicted to blogging.

I bet the kid looks super tough with that eye!
Gem said…
Hahaha! Mother na mother!

Boys! My daughter is not that "likot" so I don't have to worry that much.

I worry more when she gets to be on her teenage years!

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