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Siblings and Health

During my last hospital "guard duty," I was totally astounded that the patient was not visited by siblings. He has 6 siblings in all, 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Okay fine, so 1 was in another country. So there were 5 more siblings left. 13 yo later told me 1 sister did drop in, I just wasn't there. But hell, that was still 1 out of 5.

What's the deal with that? I told my sister, I can't imagine that if that happened to you, I won't even drop by. I can't imagine dropping by just once, even. In my head, it's standard that if a sibling gets sick, you drop "generally everything" to be there. If you have office work, fine, but you're generally there everyday...

"Maybe they're busy..." she said.

Maybe, I said. Then I go nah...

"maybe they just don't like him."

Hahaha, that I can believe.

So I formed a long sermon in my head for the 2 boys about being concerned about one another's health.

In the future, when you're adults, when 1 of you is sick, I INSIST that the other be there. If you don't I will hold a rally! a picket! in your face. If I'm dead I will come back from the grave to haunt you.

If one of you notice that the other brother has extremely risky health behavior, such as being alcoholic or drug addict (they understand this already) you have my blessing to butt into the other's life and impose extreme measures.

The 2 boys were pretty quiet as I expounded on looking in on each other, watching out for each other's health. One was quietly playing his pc game, and the other quietly watching tv with the volume down low.

Dang. I'm talking to my hand again.

Oh well. Again, I'm counting on osmosis from hearing environmental noise.


mrsbear said…
I don't get it either, my sister and I were very close. It would hurt me to know that my kids in adulthood weren't looking out for each other, even in spite of all the bickering they do now. Hopefully some of that blablabla you did will sink in for your boys.
Casey said…
Yup, I don't get that either. My brothers and I were really close growing up and even though we rarely see each other (busy with kids and schedules), we'd still drop everything if any of us were in trouble. Very strange..
That's really sad, but unfortunately a lot of people let petty shit from life get in the way of their relationships and hold on to grudges. I have always promised myself never to do that.
@Petra - Yeah, I agree... Im like that too, particularly with 2 people. (2 people who I apparently loved the most in my entire short life) Even if I don't want to, I can't help it *sheepish grin* I always forget

but all others who I basically love, I'm good :-)

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