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Some dialogue for teaching math at home

8year old came home today and said he didn't understand the math lesson about division.

I always despair about the incongruity of the beauty of math, and the way it is communicated to young children. It's unfair!

Math is beautiful. Exciting. Orgasmic even, when you're older. Promise.

That is, if you're nerdy enough to look through the interesting things that mathematicians have crazily compiled through the ages. But if not, oh well...

But then, us parents with maths-anxiety find it difficult to explain math operations to our kids when they get home and do homework.

How how how carabao?

Below are some dialogue that you may try to use on your kids, see if it works that they understand. The simpler dialogue is always better, no matter what age they are. If not, games/ software may do the trick, if you find one, good luck. Timez attack (for multiplication tables) is genius!

I'm not a maths teacher so take this with a pillar of salt. bonk your head on it if you also don't get it.

- "Put more"
- "_____ joined them"

- "Take away"
- "_____ went away/ left"

- "adding 1st number over and over, as many times as the 2nd number
- "skip count by ___ these many times

- "Cut into groups of ____ . How many are left in each group?"
- "Subtracting over and over til you reach zero. count how many times you subtracted.

These help when you say the operations aloud as you solve examples. Give exercises using the same patterns.

Please give your examples you used at home that your kid understood easily. Share and care!

Shokey, calclueless is allowed.


Lynnette said…

"'nak, isipin mo na lang pera yan." Ayun, maso-solve na ang simple addition and subtraction.
haha. yeah, i think that will always be effective.

Translation: Lynette's method is

"Son, just pretend this is money..."
mrsbear said…
Disagreeing with you about the math. It still makes my brain hurt, I get it, I understand it, I went as far as Trig when I was in school. I just don't like it, maybe math doesn't like me either.
@Mrs Bear - Teeheehee...
I can't help it, im a nerd...
Casey said…
I dread the day when I hafta relearn math for my kids. That crap left my brain years ago!
Some geekozoids claim it is best for kiddums with ages like Graham's and Elliot's to start learning numbers by picturing quantity of one same object all throughout (such as red circles), not written symbols. That longitudinal research says if babies are trained that way, they whiz through math concepts as they grow.

Yeah, yeah, I picture you flailing your arms, going "GAAAACCCK!" and running out of the room. lol

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