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Love Notes through the Years

When 8yo was learning to write, we traded "mail" almost everyday.

It was his idea. He would cut out the cereal box, make an arc-shape with a base, and put in a cover and tab for opening. I think the first mailbox he made had a smiley face on it, like the mailbox in Blue's Clues. This lopsided "Mail Box" stayed on my table. Before I left for the office, I would write a note with simple words, fold it, and "mail" it by leaving it in the mailbox.

After I get home from work, I would check the box and 8yo would have a note waiting for me. It would usually have a "hello mama" note. Later the missive will say something about what toy he wanted. Sometimes, I will receive notes with long spellings, like "Happy Valentines Mama" and I would be so proud. Yes, he just copies the spelling from ads and cards lying around the house.

Stupidhead mother didn't save even one note, it woulda been nice to post a photo here. But I believe in …

The Effinly Effin' F Word

I was getting presents for 8yo to give away when I passed a book that screamed at me.

It was entitled "Five Star Families - Turning your Family from Good to Great" by Carol Kuykendall.

I've been reading too much juvie books the past weeks so without dilly dallying I plunked it into the basket. I decided it would be my christmas gift for myself.

The book is great, Carol's mommy warmth and love oozes out of the book. She deconstructs a lot of parenting stuff we automatically try to do and puts it on the table for easier scrutiny.

I can imagine her and me at the dinner table with mugs of coffee, and she brings out a parenting value from her purse and puts it on the table. I can then touch the parenting thingy, stare at it, poke it, shake it and listen. And I can imagine her laugh at me as I consider "alien" something I strive to do everyday as I raise two completely different boys.

In the book, Carol says 5 star families have top 5 priorities -


Boundaries for Sons

This issue has been wriggling in my head for several months now.

A lot of you have sons, but I'm guessing most still have baby boys, or are in elementary grades (or have baby brains, whatever the age ;-) so this is a far-off concern for now.

My 13 year old (the one who acts 18yo. 8yo acts like he's 30) has been slowly but surely partaking in late-teen boys activities since last year I'm continually stunned each time this manifests.

I know raising boys also means eventually letting go, but I was kinda hoping it would go according to the sked we take for granted. A lot of things he does now I was expecting he would do so at 16, or 17 years old... not start at 12.

I've been starting to worry about young people's crazy-ass shit as well. There's always the smoking, the alcohol, mild drugs, scary drugs, reckless sex... These grown-teens' activities always hook in vices somehow. He's very active in school and academics, so that's one glimmer of hope for…

Burnham, baby, Burnham

I dragged the boys to my school's homecoming lax week over at the City of Pines, Baguio City.

What's a good ole Baguio visit without dropping by its premiere park, Burnham?

Trivia: Yes, the park is named after the designer Daniel Burnham. Yup, it's the same renowned architect and urban planner from Chicago. He went up to the mountains early 190_ and designed this park.

I waited for the boys to paddle the boat around the park and appreciated the beauty of the city, the weather...

I was also approached by so many vendors as I waited for the boys. An assortment of oddities that reflected the state of people's income earning abilities.

I was approached by people selling:

1. Green Mango strips with shrimp paste (bagoong). This is a classic munchy for park-goers in Baguio, as well as

2. Crunchy pork rinds (chicharon)

3. Macaron (sort of like chicharon, but shaped like big macaroni)

4. Nuts, green peas

5. Balloons

and the odder oddities, such as

6. Coffee (the coffee vendo m…