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Burnham, baby, Burnham

I dragged the boys to my school's homecoming lax week over at the City of Pines, Baguio City.

What's a good ole Baguio visit without dropping by its premiere park, Burnham?

Trivia: Yes, the park is named after the designer Daniel Burnham. Yup, it's the same renowned architect and urban planner from Chicago. He went up to the mountains early 190_ and designed this park.

I waited for the boys to paddle the boat around the park and appreciated the beauty of the city, the weather...

I was also approached by so many vendors as I waited for the boys. An assortment of oddities that reflected the state of people's income earning abilities.

I was approached by people selling:

1. Green Mango strips with shrimp paste (bagoong). This is a classic munchy for park-goers in Baguio, as well as

2. Crunchy pork rinds (chicharon)

3. Macaron (sort of like chicharon, but shaped like big macaroni)

4. Nuts, green peas

5. Balloons

and the odder oddities, such as

6. Coffee (the coffee vendo machine pales to the friendly smiling manong (big brother) vending the coffee in person

7. Christmas carols - carolling in the park becomes harassment if you're carolled to thrice in 20 minutes

8. Solicitation for volunteer teachers - ehhh? And the soliciting "teacher" looked more polished and nicer than me. bah.

9. Massage - for your back pains

10. And the wildest - Manicure and Pedicure.

But if you think about it, it's the perfect ending. Soothe the tootsies with a ped after walking around the city the entire day.

Oh ye, Filipinos are really resourceful.


Casey said…
I hope you didn't partake in too much of the anti-HASAY food? I could go for the pedi about now.
haha, I did. i was drunk in the evenings and hung over in the mornings. bah... Now I need a detox
Renz said…
Wow! pedi and mani in public? Hmmm...ilang germs kaya meron dun?
Gem said…
Hahaha. Nanibago ka sa manicure at pedicure. Yes they do that for a living.

I hope you did not fall for those solicitation scams.

Mura lang ang massage, sa bulag ba?

You really got all those types of vendors in the city.
mrsbear said…
I love some fresh chicharron. We Cubans eat it too. Not exactly health food but definitely satisfying. Mmmmm fried pig fat. I don't know if I'd be up for a pedicure in the middle of the park though, but hey, whatever works.

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