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Love Notes through the Years

When 8yo was learning to write, we traded "mail" almost everyday.

It was his idea. He would cut out the cereal box, make an arc-shape with a base, and put in a cover and tab for opening. I think the first mailbox he made had a smiley face on it, like the mailbox in Blue's Clues. This lopsided "Mail Box" stayed on my table. Before I left for the office, I would write a note with simple words, fold it, and "mail" it by leaving it in the mailbox.

After I get home from work, I would check the box and 8yo would have a note waiting for me. It would usually have a "hello mama" note. Later the missive will say something about what toy he wanted. Sometimes, I will receive notes with long spellings, like "Happy Valentines Mama" and I would be so proud. Yes, he just copies the spelling from ads and cards lying around the house.

Stupidhead mother didn't save even one note, it woulda been nice to post a photo here. But I believe in travelling lightly and make do with memories.


Exchanging notes lets them practice reading and writing.
It also gives them a taste of the classic tradition of writing, reading letters. A dying art.
Also gives you a ton of material to document how they write and think at that age.

- -

We don't write notes anymore after he attended big school.

These days, our notes-exchange has taken a different form.

I registered him with, a site that lets you send free sms from your pc to a cellphone. This way, he can text me anytime when I'm out of the house.

Last Saturday, I turned my back from the PC for several seconds. I saw him crawling on the floor, kneel by the keyboard and punch.

I go "PSSHHHT! Go away!"

He crawls away fast, like The Grudge.

My cell rings. I check it.

8yo laughs to himself.

SMS message from his chikka account : "Mama"

I stick my tongue out at him.

That's all.
We don't really exchange lovey-mushy notes.

Whatever message is written, those are all love notes for me because it says "I'm thinking of you."


Casey said…
Aww, that's sweet! I used to send similar letters to my Gram and she kept them all over the years. I have them now and it's hilarious to see what was going through my crazy head back then.
Gem said…
Sayang nga ang mga notes. Sana nga may na-save kahit isa.

Sa memory mo na lang yan. Chikka and email or other forms of communication had replaced that note.

A neat reminder that I should cherish growing moments with my kid.
Dario said…
This is a lovely idea. :) Too bad you didn't get to keep the notes. Cheers!

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