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Treasures You Find When Cleaning the Car

Happy Father's Day Mang Napo! We love you always and miss you always.

- -

Since Lassie was begging for a total body spa, i took the old girl for a thorough wash and nurturing at home. Scrub, scrub, scrub... clean, clean, clean....

Some stuff you pick up in the nooks and crannies of a car:

1) game board pieces that fell off, like, 3 years ago and recovered just now when nobody plays that game anymore.
2) a mineral foundation case that decided to fall off my purse maybe during a turn (been looking all over for it, too!
3) money, also decided to escape my purse while i was driving and not looking.

After an hour of scrubbing the interiors thoroughly, it struck me that my dearest dad Mang Napo also liked cleaning the car on lazy Sunday afternoons, and this got me totally emotionally wracked up.

Smell of grease. Dirt on my hands. Tears.

Flashes in my head:
- Of Mang Napo assigning me to clean the matting. Which I totally felt lazy doing, but did so anyway.
- Of my own perspective, lookin…