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For Cars that Swam in the Flood

Thousands of cars were submerged in the metro because of the recent flood.

I'm sure a lot of car owners are dying of curiosity to find out if their cars are still alive or not.

However, I'm sure garage mechanics and official repair houses of car brands are full to the brim now.

What to do? See if you can find something useful in these tips from Ehow:

1. Assess the damage. Is your car worth repairing at all? Was the car totally submerged or just partially?
2. Is the engine working? If there is water in the engine, don't even start it. Have the car towed to the repair shop.
3. Drain the oil and transmission pans. Replace with new liquid.
4. Let the brakes dry and inspect. Drain and change the brake fluid.
5. Clean and let dry the car's interiors. Or have it re-upholstered.

If the damage is going to cost more than the total worth of the car, then it is not salvageable.

The usual car insurance in the Philippines don't cover damage due to natural calamaties. You hav…

A Little More Ketsana

I was safe and dry during the last Ketsana typhoon but very worried about my mom and sister living in a crucial flood site. I knew floodwaters were high, but never realized my family was having the worst flood in all our flood-accustomed lives. The flood was 12-14 ft from the street! Way beyond a person's height. Yikes.

I didn't have cable TV and OMG :-p an AM radio. I had to rely on news from the usual sources:
Free TV. Too concentrated on favorite areas. Blah.
FM radio. I knew they'd still play music with some intermittent news, so that was out too. (Read here later in the net that Jam 88.3 broadcasted news all throughout, so some clap-clap for the people there.)
Online govt websites. Down! wuh??? *slap forehead*

I found 3 very useful online tools though, after the net was restored on the 2nd day of the Flood.

- AM Radio streaming, specifically DZMM's. Easy to use, despite simultaneous open sites (sorry, DZBB. I'm a kapuso but ur streaming doesn't stream…

Floating Up through Storms and Floods

I grew up in a neighborhood that averages 10 floods a year. My sibs and parents and I always breezed through those easily. Submerged feet in dirty stinky water for days, scrubbing the house after, etc. Year in, year out. Somehow, we always managed to stay calm and sane. Living in an area with a weird character grows on you, you eventually just adjust and live.

Sometimes, when I hear friends wading through flood waters and they mention they cried while doing so, I ask, how high was it? Up to my knees... The insensitive fonk that I am would cut in, What? You cried when the flood was only upto your knees???

This week-end we had a devastating flood, and I don't use the word devastating for floods, really.

But it is. After the water has gone down, we've found so many dead people in the mud, caught in the wires, etc. (yeah, the water was that high...) People still missing/ has not contacted relatives after everyone else has had their phone signals back... This is scary, truly…

Philippine Flag Change... la-di-dah...

So of course everyone is reacting just now to the approval of the insertion of the 9th ray of the sun on the Philippine Flag. People are reacting now after enactment of a law. Good luck.

Don't get me wrong, I love anything Philippine. I love the flag. In fact, I love it so much I give more solemnity to facing the flag during national anthems than during some religious denomination's prayers. I also sing the National Anthem loud and proud, anywhere, anytime. (Note to my non-Pinoy friends, people don't sing the national anthem here, which is sad.)

I love it so much I will just paste this here for posterity and sentimental reasons.

Early Philippine Flag with 8 rays

The lawmaker who proposed this is allotting the 9th ray for Muslim Mindanao. I'm all for including Muslim Mindanao into everything, but I don't think it's appropriate since they want to be free of the Philippines, to be given the space to do their own thing, not really to be part and parcel of this c…

Kanye! I Need Yew! (Who woulda thought??? Yikes)

Today is my son's field trip again. This year I was well and healthy, unlike last year when I had this mysterious ailment.

9 year old and I had fun the whole day at a marine theme park, and later, a rides theme park. Unlike last year's field trip when 9 year old kept waiting for me, this year is a year for clearer signals to let him go. He strayed around a lot on his own or with his friends. I'm okay, I'm not really the clingy mom type so I just let him be. He has also declared that this year is the last for field trip companions. Next year, he prefers to wing it on his own. (I think it's also the school norm for 4th graders to not have companions anymore.)

As we headed back to the metro by the end of the day, we settled comfortably in the bus (/coach) as we watched "Knowing" starring Nicholas Cage.

A little later, as the movie got more exciting.... a ringtone from a cellphone blared -->

"Romeo and Juliet is chenelyn de cordova, chuchubells ch…

Scout Parent's Honor

I attended Jonesy's* Scout honoring program today.

He was honored with level "Explorer." He finally has the sash with patches. It's a nice promotion from the start of his scouting days, wearing the khaki shorts and knee-high green socks. Yikey.

Of course, you don't pass that chance up to connect it with Dora. I told him, during the awarding: You know, the best musical score for this part of the program is dt-dt-dt-dt-dt-dora... he doesn't skip a beat giving me his "mom, you're so corny but since I respect you I will smile wanly." grin.

While we were waiting up the stage for all Explorers to be honored, I asked to take a picture. No, he said. He was having a bad hair day. C'mon... If you don't, I'll sing Dora's "We did it! We did it! We did it! Hooray!" with the matching monkey's choreography. He finally gave in and gave me his best bad hair day look.

- -

As i sat down and watched the program, I noticed how A LOT o…

Finding Tuna

My crazy ass kid (the 9yr old one) was watching this commercial last night

and suddenly said,

"Mom, eat San Marino."


"So you'll find your true love."

What a psycho kid :-D

Brief absence, different issues

My original intent on putting up this blog is to share parenting/ raising boys issues while putting up for posterity my sons' antics, and mysterious ways of their brains.

Kinda crazy for me to see that my last regular blogging was end of the year last year and already -- I am facing totally different issues now... in just a span of several months!

Well, for one, I already have a high school sophomore so the set of activities has rapidly transformed (bringing with it totally new issues).

And then my 9 year old, still 9 years old, but is displaying the signs of --sigh -- terrible pre-pubescence.

I do hope I can write more regularly now. I admit I've stopped because my mojo wasn't up to it... but let's see now what happens next. ;-)