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Kanye! I Need Yew! (Who woulda thought??? Yikes)

Today is my son's field trip again. This year I was well and healthy, unlike last year when I had this mysterious ailment.

9 year old and I had fun the whole day at a marine theme park, and later, a rides theme park. Unlike last year's field trip when 9 year old kept waiting for me, this year is a year for clearer signals to let him go. He strayed around a lot on his own or with his friends. I'm okay, I'm not really the clingy mom type so I just let him be. He has also declared that this year is the last for field trip companions. Next year, he prefers to wing it on his own. (I think it's also the school norm for 4th graders to not have companions anymore.)

As we headed back to the metro by the end of the day, we settled comfortably in the bus (/coach) as we watched "Knowing" starring Nicholas Cage.

A little later, as the movie got more exciting.... a ringtone from a cellphone blared -->

"Romeo and Juliet is chenelyn de cordova, chuchubells chenebells pakisagot mo na..." "Love Story" by Taylor Swift. Very loud, quite distracting, really. As we watched Nicholas with open mouths, the song strained on. Why won't the young lady answer her phone so we can get on with our movie in peace????

Turns out the "ring tone" wasn't a ring at all, but a song actually being played from her portable whatever! What an inconsiderate jerk-ess (is there a feminine form for jerk?) this young lady was. I had 2 samsung headphones with me, i wanted to shove one up her ears and tie the cords of the second round the young woman's neck but restrained myself.

And because of the loud mp3 playing, up front, I saw a 50-ish dad also whip out his spanking new gadget... and I can see big musical notes flashing from the screen...

When I couldn't take it anymore, I reached across the row and poked the young lady "Excuse me, please shut that thing off. We're all watching the movie..." She complied willingly.

After a minute of enjoying Nicholas again, again:

"Romeo and Juliet is chenelyn de cordova, chuchubells chenebells chuchu chenez chukchak"

from ... guess who? the dad up front!

Turns out its his kid playing the damn gadget... but still.... KANYEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I needju! Please shut Taylor up!

Whoulda thought Kanye has some actual use?


Casey said…
Wow, that's pretty damn rude. I never would have imagined a situation where Kanye would be necessary but still, here it is.

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