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A Little More Ketsana

I was safe and dry during the last Ketsana typhoon but very worried about my mom and sister living in a crucial flood site. I knew floodwaters were high, but never realized my family was having the worst flood in all our flood-accustomed lives. The flood was 12-14 ft from the street! Way beyond a person's height. Yikes.

I didn't have cable TV and OMG :-p an AM radio. I had to rely on news from the usual sources:
Free TV. Too concentrated on favorite areas. Blah.
FM radio. I knew they'd still play music with some intermittent news, so that was out too. (Read here later in the net that Jam 88.3 broadcasted news all throughout, so some clap-clap for the people there.)
Online govt websites. Down! wuh??? *slap forehead*

I found 3 very useful online tools though, after the net was restored on the 2nd day of the Flood.

- AM Radio streaming, specifically DZMM's. Easy to use, despite simultaneous open sites (sorry, DZBB. I'm a kapuso but ur streaming doesn't stream.)
- Plurk. Always loved and relied on.
- and of course, something I've always detested for its ugliness: Twitter. Twitter is Plurk's ugly, impersonal sister.

Not really Twitter per se. But one of its accounts, Traffic Manila.
Traffic Manila was being worked on by 2 great gals who, despite being in the office during the storm, helped a LOT of confused and worried people by meticulously posting and mediating road traffic queries. Thank you so much, #trafficmanila and thank you to all the great followers who contributed which street or road was passable or not.


Deep in my heart, despite the scary situation, I knew my mom and sister were okay.
Many families communed together in houses with higher 2nd/ 3rd floor levels. This is what they also did. My family spent several nights at the neighbor's along with 3 other families.

Humor is not so absent after the scare has died down. The mood later on turned into a camping/vacation mode, with people sharing food and stuff.

My sister said to while away boredom while being isolated in the midst of floodwaters, they turned to shouting to the other neighbors for some amusement. Such as:

My sister's commune: Errolll!!! (Erroll is at the other "commune". What's for dinner?!!!
Errol: Nonneeee!!!!! Jollibee is closed!!!! (Jollibee is a popular burger joint.)


"Starlaaaa! (the neighborhood manicurist) Give us a manicuuuuuuuure!!! (As if Starla can swim through the flood. LOL)

I told you we Filipinos have a weird sense of humor and optimism during troubled times.

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