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Scout Parent's Honor

I attended Jonesy's* Scout honoring program today.

He was honored with level "Explorer." He finally has the sash with patches. It's a nice promotion from the start of his scouting days, wearing the khaki shorts and knee-high green socks. Yikey.

Of course, you don't pass that chance up to connect it with Dora. I told him, during the awarding: You know, the best musical score for this part of the program is dt-dt-dt-dt-dt-dora... he doesn't skip a beat giving me his "mom, you're so corny but since I respect you I will smile wanly." grin.

While we were waiting up the stage for all Explorers to be honored, I asked to take a picture. No, he said. He was having a bad hair day. C'mon... If you don't, I'll sing Dora's "We did it! We did it! We did it! Hooray!" with the matching monkey's choreography. He finally gave in and gave me his best bad hair day look.

- -

As i sat down and watched the program, I noticed how A LOT of scout and parent pairs onstage were actually smiling and talking to each other! I was surprised at how surprised I was. Then I remembered, I've been to several academic honors awarding ceremonies, and for those events, A LOT of honor studes and parent pairs on stage scowl at or ignore each other.

Is it possible? Could there really be a connection? I know scouts are cliched with all these un-machowacho traits of reliability, respect, helpfulness and what not... But could it really be that scouts are just... happy?

So for us parents of scouts, we're happy you're happy. Whenever you invite us to come to your events, we feel pride and joy that you are a happy, organized bunch. And for those raising boys, if your child shows interest, encourage him to join up. I don't think it'll do harm.

Carry on...

* Who is Jonesy? During my absence from blogging, one day I suddenly blurted "(13 year old's first name:) ____________ Jones, come here!" I dunno. It just popped out of my mouth because it had a nice ring to it. So the name stuck, and my nickname of affection for him now is Jonesy. Now I also call 9 yr old ____________ Jones. I call them both the Jones Brothers, it rhymes with Joe and Nick.


Mrsbear said…
My six year old just joined the boy scouts. So far I'm enjoying holding the meetings over his head as a threat to finish all his homework and eat all of his food. It's working so far. He really looks forward to it.
kat said…
LOLOLOLOL... ill nominate you for mother of the year for that.
Casey said…
I find it ironic that Duh duh duh DORA is playing in the background as I read this post. That stupid girl is everywhere. Jonesy is cute!

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