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What kind of Mother...

Yes, I totally forgot I joined up for the NaBloPoMo. I didn't write yesterday. It slipped my mind that I committed to write everyday!

Oh well, anyway.

- - -

What kind of Mother...
Doesn't blog about her son's birthday???

Jonesy turned 14 last Oct. 30.
14 years ago, I was wheeled into the delivery room at 5AM and out popped the scrawny worm baby by 6AM.

The worm baby also screeched LOUUUUUUD and DEEP. The worm baby sounded like a fog horn, really. Later on, younger bro would have a very deep baby voice but even he didn't cry THAT loud when he was born. It gave me the omen that this kid could be such a whiner and disser.

My fondest baby memory of Jonesy was him with his "pet" stand fan. As Jonesy wheeled about in his wheeled walker, he clasped the stand fan (with wheels) and he and his "pet" rolled about. Think of the movie "Up". Something like that.

As he toddled through the baby years, he would develop the knack for doing the things you just taught him not to - and with flair. If you told him not to dip his hand down the aquarium, he wouldn't dip his hand. He would chuck in a toy into the aquarium, say the toddler equivalent of "Oops, my toy." and find him sloshing around (head, arms and half body in the aquarium).

He was smart and had a temper, even in his baby years. He had the toy to shoot the correct shapes through. As he tried to put the star shape through the star hole, and couldn't, he angrily opened the damn toy, slammed the star shape in and slammed the thing shut.

Yeah, well he was quite the high-strung kid and if you had a crappy teen-aged mom you would be too (you have permission to blame the mother with all kinds of "what kind of mother..." stuff).

Fast forward to a decade or so later. Yep, he's still quite the hot headed boy with his brother. But in his other environment of school and friends, he is top in his class, he plays a mean keyboard and guitar and peers run to him for advice. Every so often, he would bring home medals and/ or ask me to come to school and award him with something. And with his mother who he knows has an eagle-eye out for hanky-panky, he surprisingly spoils her in their weird kind of non-mush understanding.

So what kind of mother has a smart, talented and understanding boy for a son? One hell of a lucky motherfonker.

Happy birthday, son!
Thank you for giving me glimpses of the universe with your presence.

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Mrsbear said…
Happy Birthday to your boy. My oldest turned 15 on October 24th. Her personality sounds similar to your son's, at least during those stubborn baby/toddler years, don't even get me started on the screaming and colic. Yikes.
kat said…
wait til she gets colic TODAY. shudder shudder.... *run!*

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