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Happy New Year

Thank you universe for this year with my sons.

Raising boys this 2009 has been great.
Thanks for making it fun, peaceful and healthy.

More please, and upgrades are anticipated. ;-)

To everybody, I wish your 2010 is abundant and happy!

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Happy Christmas! You Know They've Grown Again during Christmas When...

Happy christmas everybody! I hope you enjoyed the yuletide season.

I am raising boys, and I noticed before school went out for the christmas break that their pants are shorter again. But more than height, here are some holiday tell-tale signs they grew again:

... the previous letter to Santa is now just a numbered list.
... the list is considerably shorter
... the list contains items considerably more expensive
... child cannot decide what is wanted for christmas when toys are the topic.
... wants clothes, gadgets, cash
... now pressured with budgeting for gifts
... list to give gifts to is considerably longer too, and has 100% girl names
... you remind them Christmas is all about Jesus' birthday and family ties and not so much about stuff, and SEEM to outwardly believe you.

... they now remember you and try to give you a gift as well.

If you want to add more, please leave your ideas :-)

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There are days when...

For some weird parent-ethic reasons, I cannot post what happened...

but I feel really elated.

As a parent, there are some life events that you buckle up for.  Competitions and academic achievement do not really match up.  There will always be life events that you can expect will throw bad blows to your kid, and you want to be around, just in case you'll be needed.

And you find you aren't.  And your kid is handling himself pretty well.  And you admire his thoughtfulness and class.

Every once in a while, despite the sad turn of events for him, I feel that I'm raising my kid well.

And then I remember, all credit is his alone.  

But still, I can't help but smile when no one's looking.

Microsoft! Why did your MSN China steal from Plurk?

Shame on you and your China arm!


If Dec 25 is Christmas, Is June 19 Rizalmas?

Christmas is around the corner!  Happiness!

i'm one of those who have graduated from associating the holidays with material things but if mah boys are excited, okay, no prob.  I'm excited for them as well.

I'm not really a religion person, but I really respect Jetut for all his promotion of peace, prosperity and love for all mankind. 

In my humble opinion, Jetut was one of the first NGO-ey activitists.  Some fundamentalist sh*t have just been inserted into "his apparent teachings" by self-serving people, making his oldest church divisive as hell.

I don't believe Jesus damns you to heaven or hell, so yes, I put him in the same regard as Jose Rizal.  This is why, yes, I celebrate Rizalmas on June 19s.  Like Jesus, Rizal also promoted peace, prosperity and love for all mankind.

I should have a Gandhimas as well.

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Hoo hoo, me likey: The Great Kindle Giveaway

Contests!  I love blog contests, especially if I don't have to jump off a bridge, climb up again, jump up a rope hanging from a helicopter and land perfectly on a motorboat ALL BEFORE I qualify to join.

Bibliofreakblog's giving away a Kindle 2 -- me like!  Plus the instructions are simple enough.

Come check out the contest rules at The Great Kindle Giveaway.

Imma wanna winn!

Need More Ammo -- on the Christmas Tree

I have always had the presumption that girls do more fancy talking than boys. I have always thought that when raising boys there will be more grunts than flowery language.

These days, I have noticed 9 year old talks a lot of highfalutin gibberish. He always manages to spew out weird dialogue for any occassion. Turns out he gets this from fantasy mmporg games and fantasy animation. I say it's his late phase of "word salad"-ing. lol.

We put up the tree the other day to celebrate my dad's bday, and this time his dialogue is much simpler but still enough to stunt me.

As he asked to be handed more christmas balls to put up on the tree, 9 year old went on with the same tone of recording voice that says a spaceship will self-destruct in x minutes.

He kept repeating: "Need more ammo. Need more ammo."

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A Very Special Christmas Gift - An Online Time Capsule Account

Christmas is coming! Have you finished your christmas shopping yet?

Yeah, I know how hard it is to find a gift that is unique and something that your family/ friend will use consistently. Most importantly, what gift can evoke joy for your friend (preferably for a long time)?

If you are looking for a very useful gift that your family or friend will treasure, why not give a membership account for an online time capsule? My Heart Will specializes in providing secure, private time capsules that can be accessed by your loved ones.

Why online time capsules make fantastic gifts:
- Great backup to the ever-reliable shoebox of memories
- Will definitely be secure for a looooong time
- Your loved one can store letters, photographs, and copies of memorabilia, as well as easy storage of recordings and videos. (CD players may not be easy to find a little further on in the future).
- Your loved one may also store future messages for other loved ones and schedule a delivery into the future. Kew…