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You Know They've Grown Again When...

I've never done this to my kids, but some parents tell their kids "If you're bad, I will go away."

I knew my 10 year old has grown again when I told him before my night out, "If you're going to be so difficult, I will stay in and cancel." Watch me watch you the whole night.

Yeah, that pretty much got him behaved. I was able to go out. ;-)

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Diliman Preparatory School QC Rocks

Summary: This is a School Review, based on our family's experience.

If you are looking for an excellent school in Quezon City for your elementary or high school children, Diliman Preparatory School along Commonwealth offers up-to-date competitive curriculum in Mathematics, Sciences and Reading. They also have excellent extra-curriculum activities that will help give your children a holistic education.

Last week, at my son's academic achievement awarding ceremony (he got the no.1 honor in class again, yay! Good job, son!), the CEO of the school talked to the parents about the achievements of the school for the year, and the changes for next year.

To be quick about it, this year, Diliman Preparatory School:
- started with the Singaporean Math curriculum
- used the very new Learning by Design Reading program (it's a research-based and assessment-based reading curriculum)
- I noticed they introduced Robotics this year
- There are more changes I approve of but I won't list …

Elections Time! Who who who?

I don't need rocket science to explain my vote. I'm going simplistic.

I want a level-headed, financially-creative, "regular folk-sy" president this time.

When your family is short of money, what do you do? You find ways to make money. If you're a level-headed mom, you don't go out and ask loans from everybody. You sell stuff, you render services for payment. If you have some spare money, you invest. For those in the PH, do you have any memory of your parents doing something else to earn extra income? I think a lot of us saw our parents do something to add to the family income.

Well people, if the Philippines is a country, we are a poor family. The president is like the parent who has to find ways to generate income.

I don't like that this country-family keeps on going to the neighbors to borrow money. My god.

If a family needs to use credit, fine. As long as the budget allows repayment, why not? PLUS if you're borrowing to generate income, the b…

It Takes a Village.... Happy Birthday, 9yr Old!

Broadly speaking, Leon grew up with me as the central parent figure. After growing up with his gran for the first 3 years, the following years after that (when he, his bro and I moved out to be ehem... independent) it was all me... and a whole village.

My bestfriend couldn't believe he was turning ten. "10 years old! But he's only 3!" And she fondly remembered how I would bring Leon to the office everyday and everybody else pitched in to take care of him. (I worked at women's non-govt org so everybody understood how it was to be alone and raise kids.)

Since we lived near the office, the office would pick us up if we had an out-of-town planning session, and we would be be there early in the morning, waiting. Leon was in his jammies, his arms around me like a koala bear; and me huffing and puffing to carry him. My friend remembers that out-of-town trip clearly. The boss laid out a mattress for then 3 yr-old leon, and he was sprawled there all day at our plan…