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Diliman Preparatory School QC Rocks

Summary: This is a School Review, based on our family's experience.

If you are looking for an excellent school in Quezon City for your elementary or high school children, Diliman Preparatory School along Commonwealth offers up-to-date competitive curriculum in Mathematics, Sciences and Reading. They also have excellent extra-curriculum activities that will help give your children a holistic education.

Last week, at my son's academic achievement awarding ceremony (he got the no.1 honor in class again, yay! Good job, son!), the CEO of the school talked to the parents about the achievements of the school for the year, and the changes for next year.

To be quick about it, this year, Diliman Preparatory School:
- started with the Singaporean Math curriculum
- used the very new Learning by Design Reading program (it's a research-based and assessment-based reading curriculum)
- I noticed they introduced Robotics this year
- There are more changes I approve of but I won't list them down.
- Many physical changes that make the school better as well

And for next year:
Diliman Preparatory School will have a more active sciences thrust.
- They'll have their own Planetarium (!!! I like.)
- Marine Biology, Astronomy and Climate Change for their subjects
- have a Robotics Club and Debate Club

and I didn't know they received a "School of the Year" award, I just didn't get the details.

The tangible results are fine and I'm happy about it. But if there is anything I appreciate the most from this school, it's the philosophies of school officials (I've heard it from different individuals from the staff on different occassions) about "raising" and honing the kids.

For one, they want the students to be critical-thinkers and problem solvers. Excellent, just like what I want my kids to be as well. It's consistent with the goals of what I'm doing here at home. Once, one of the speakers-staff also gave a speech for the kids about being entrepreneurial. It might sound scandalous for the other parents, but for me, I totally approve.

Another, they involve the kids not just by letting them sit in the class and listen to teacher discussions, but there are a lot of more-than-fluff activities for the children that help them learn stuff you don't usually in school. For example, they also learn about cosplay, they have halloween, etc. These are stuff we offer at home, but some kids do not experience this with their parents, so it's nice that everybody gets exposed somehow.

And, now that I think about it, I noticed that the homeroom teachers of my boys noticeably monitor them. They know details and share it during conferences, and I truly appreciate that.

I remember when one of my sons used to be high-strung and hyperactive in 3rd grade. If you were a teacher, you wouldn't like him. hehe. I went to his school to watch him for a program and went up to his classroom. The kids were waiting for their turn to perform and were in their costumes. I watched my son from outside, he didn't know I was there. The teacher doesn't know me, either. It was my mother-in-law who always went to his school then. My son was spinning round the room like a mini-hurricane in his costume. I remember how his teacher called to him, and when he approached, I thought he was going to be reprimanded. Instead, she tenderly straightened out his costume, even if he was being extra naughty more than the class mates.

My post has been ultra-long, but I can't help it. I have a lot of good things to share about this school.

If you are looking at schools that will help your child grow, please look up Diliman Preparatory School along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. If you want to inquire about viewing or applications, the trunkline is Tel. 931-0731.

PS. I forgot to mention, in Diliman Preparatory School, parents are always welcome to watch help out in any activity. I always gate crash to watch activities, even if parents are not invited (heehee). Some of the parents do too. Of course, we let the kids do their thing but I like that parents are welcome.


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Connie said…
Thanks for posting this review. My child is currently at a PAREF preschool in Alabang. We might head North of Manila in a few years' time if the circumstances push for it, so I've been looking into good schools with reviews/referrals from parents and students.

I'm now putting Diliman Preparatory School in my list of prospective schools.

Thanks again! :)
Charlotte Suapengco said…
Hi! I came across your blog and wanted to share something about Diliman Preparatory School too!

I am very happy to see my 2nd year High School daughter growing up with confidence because she used to be quiet and shy. Her teachers has been affirmative of her singing talent that she is always asked to join in competitions.
Though she has not won, her adviser saw great improvements as she is now actively participating in class discussions and her grades shows it all.

You may also check out this school at Commonwealth Ave (Main branch) and at Mindanao Ave.Trunkline is 931-0731 loc 832 and 838 837
Chickadee said…
Hi moms and dads! Any here tried sch of st anthony in lagro? Im thinking of trasferring my kid to sch of st anthony or diliman prep. This is in prepartion for my kids' entrance examination in qscie or pscie. My kid is in grade 3 right now at olympian. Hope to get ur point of views. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Connie don't. Keep your child in that PAREF school. DPS AND SSA have only good grade school levels. Their high schools are shit. Puro landian. I swear. Just keep your kid in PAREF.
Anonymous said…
I hope I wasn't too late to comment this^

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