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Earth Hour is Not Just About Lights Out

We've had fun for the last 2 Earth Hours in 2008 and 2009. We go home to my mom's and we all chill at lights out. We played games in 2008 and had music jamming in 2009.

my teen with cousin playing chess

This year, we wouldn't be able to do Earth Hour together due to some stuff we have to attend to near our home on Sunday. So I decided to just have Earth Hour lights-out here.

I know the nitpickers whine on about Earth Hour not making a dent on changing the planet. For me, it is more a reminder-event to love Mama Earth. And this is an especially nice occasion to teach our children to love her.

Niece with the poster outside our house

- -

Early today I reminded Leon about some things on Earth Hour. I hope you'll also share some of the points with your kids.

Please also tell your kids that Earth Hour is not just about saving electricity but also about:

- Remembering to conserve water. But no, skipping taking a bath does NOT count.
- Loving animals. Your pets plus others&…

When Your Teen is Sad

My teen-ager was visibly emotional yesterday. Turns out his favorite teacher was leaving. People in his class were all abuzz online, sad at this turn of events.

It is easy for us adults to rationalize something like this. It is easy to tell them life will go on. However, for teen-agers, especially ones like my son who have built a personal relationship with a teacher, they can be heart broken.

Me, I have always been a klutz at comforting and other forms of legitimate mush. All I can offer is not say anything at all (some Filipino parents can go as far "Don't be so melodramatic!"), and not invalidate his feelings with the "life must go on" crap. It is true, but it's still crap for the griever.

When our kids were little, all we had to do was plant a kiss on the booboo, and they will be all-smiley again. When they grew a little, a soothing pat seemed to do it. But now, things are different. They are learning to face their emotions now all by themselves. …

Ways to Occupy (/Torture) Kids This Summer#1

Summer is here in the PH islands and kids everywhere are buckling up for the final exams. Summer means it's time for us moms to rack our brains on how to let them while away some of their time productively. Not to mention to also rack our brains on what to feed them while they're here at home for the next 2 months.

After my previous broken heart over kids' lack of literary motivation, I have decided to add some stuff to do here at home over the summer.

- Take up reading to my child again.
- Give their dang gadgets some legitimate productive use with audio books.
- Let my kid read to me.

Read to the big kid again

10 year old has always enjoyed my reading to him. A few weeks back, even if he is quite a grown little man already, he brought down his copy of Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" and asked me to read it to him for old time's sake. I can only happily oblige. I guess there are some stuff from your parents that you never outgrow. In my house, it's me…

Heart Broken Mom

Few weeks ago, 14 yr old was bugging me about a school project. Instead of the boring book report,they were supposed to act out in front of the class a book character. It was a pretty cool assignment. You can't act out if you don't do your book report first. So it's both a book report AND theatrical assignment.

"Who should I do, mom?"

Hmmm.. How about Holden Caulfield?

(Uncomprehending scowl)

Holden Caulfield? From Catcher in the Rye?

(Uncomprehending scowl)

As in THE Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger?

(Bored, and gave me the "I went on to the next universe" look)

"Mom, I want to do someone that my teacher knows."

Heller, if your teacher is a real lit teacher, she'd know Holden Caulfield!

"No, she won't."

Arg! I haven't heard about the project after that.

Tuesday was presentation day. Monday night, these high school students were all aflurry over this project as evidenced by the voluminous IM messages, …

Weirdo Dialogue

This happened last week but didn't get to write it down. These fancy dialogues are a treat for me, so I might as well write these down for posterity. I'm sure we'll all have a laugh or two (or more) someday about these.

Last week, 10 yr old asked for money.
"Mom, cam i have money?"
"Look in my wallet. It's in the white bag"

As I have trained them to never get anything from my wallet, when they ask for money they get me the entire purse or wallet, and I'm the one who fishes the cash.

For someone who didn't like talking much until he was well past 4 yrs old, now this kid can't shut up.

As he looked through my purse, 10 yr old babbled in an automated voice :

"Searching.... searching... Searching complete." He walks towards me. More weirdness "Results found: One." And he hands me my wallet.

I swear, we're all talky-talky-communicative in the family, but I don't know where he gets the idea to go about like this…