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Real Boys : Book by William Pollack

I am currently reading "Real Boys" by William Pollack. It's an old book, published in 1998, but the issues are as real as today, as it was years ago.

I am just at chapter 5, but the book validates my gut feel all along. To treat boys as carefully and thoughtfully as you would girls. Recognize the differences between them though. Girls are talky2 and more affectionate, while boys are more energetic and action-oriented.

Boys can never have too much love. They have fallen into the Boy Code trap for so long, they have been left lonely and afraid, behind the mask of toughness.

Boys need moms, they need dads. Single moms can raise a son as well, as long as the mom clarifies to herself what is her stand on masculinity.

So far, I have learned that you as a parent, should trust your instincts on the best way how to raise boys. You know your son and yourself best. You can teach the values you would want your son to have.

Can't agree more. I look forward to finishing it. I…

Stimulate the Happy Hormones in your Child Through Sports

10-year old is taking taekwondo classes this summer. He's waited for about a year and now he's all happy and sunshiney taking his basic course. I enrolled him at the Diliman Preparatory School Summer Enrichment Taekwondo Program. The kids there have been winning competitions through the years, so I'm sure the coach is very capable.

Yesterday, I noticed that most kids were all smiley in class. This is regardless all the hard work in the lessons. Students have to run, stretch, concentrate on the movements, shout/ scream, kick, assist, jump, etc. There was also no age consideration in the tasks. Whatever the tiny yellow belt pre-schooler did, was the same task for the yellow belt teen.

And I thought, well, all this hard work brings about Endorphins, the natural happy drug in your body that is both a pain-reliever and a mood enhancer.

But then... this is also what I noticed in Boy Scouts (I think I've written about this somewhere). During Scouts Awarding Ceremonies, Bo…

Mother Knows You Only Too Well, But...

Let me guess. When you were a kid, you can name at least one mom (either yours or someone you know) who has said "I know you too well, I'm your mother." I'm guessing some of you moms also say that or are proud of yourselves for that.

My mom likes to say that for any of us sibs. It can get quite annoying if said in an unpleasant context.

Well, here's a newsflash - The inverse also holds true. Your child also knows you all too well. And this knowledge can be used in goodwill or otherwise.

- -

A few weeks back, 10 yr old wanted to attend a birthday party on a Sunday. And Sunday is Grandma day. "hmmm..." I told 10 yr old. "If your gran finds out you're attending a birthday party she'll say you are a (hidden comment #1). She'll also say, why did you (hidden comment #2). Do you think you are (hidden comment #3)?"

So that Sunday, we did visit grandma. Early afternoon, 10yr old told gran we were leaving early because he wanted to a…