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And you know your sons have grown again when...

... Your youngest asks for coffee in the morning while working late on school projects  T_T

Of course, I just smile and nod. In my head though, I went whoa whoa whoaaaa!!!... Too soon? For me,  coffee is categorized as an adult beverage, pretty much in the same category as beer. Who am I kidding, cola has just as much or maybe more caffeine, so I pointed that out to him. If he wanted, he can have cola to stay awake. He declined and was just interested in coffee.

So there. Another growing up marker.

* * *

These days, I am feeling like I'm treading on marshmallows as I don't know where, or how to position myself as a mom to a half-child, half- grownup.

I can only hope to be sensible and fair and not clingy at each moment as they do some caffeine-boosted growing.

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