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Booking appointments with teens

I've noticed the growing frequency of how my sister uses Facebook Events to tell my niece andy sons of our next family activities. From a trip months ahead, to their next movie date, to next weekend's gathering at gramma's house, my fb has been flashing more and more reminders of family time.

I barely noticed until my sister booked us a trip with the prompt event invite, then she asked me an hour later, "Do you think I should still make an event page for (something mundane meetup)?" My brain quickly scanned all those days when we rarely were all on the same page and the kids knew the schedules. Yep, they were those with their aunt's FB invites. We were kind of frustrated that our young are not so young anymore, 10th grade and college levels and they're still clueless about skeds!  Like 5 year olds, yes!

But yeah, this fb event page is working for our family at least.

One son asks days before about the next "event" so he can fit in his plans. Ev…